During my last trip to Venice I also visited the nearby city of Treviso, where I discovered that one of my favorite desserts, Tiramisù, was born right there.

Now that I have acquired knowledge of this dessert, not only by tasting but also by preparing it, I can explain to you how Tiramisù is prepared and what its origin is.

How to prepare Tiramisù? let’s start from its origins

Before going into the detailed explanation of this recipe, I would like to briefly tell you the story of this dessert that has recent origins, in fact its invention can be dated around the 60s/70s of the 20th century.

It was thanks to the ingenuity of the pastry chef Roberto Linguanotto and to his interpretation of the “sbatuin”, a sort of Venetian zabaione, that Tiramisù was born. Its name comes from the way of saying in Treviso “tirame sù”, which means “give me energy” in Italian.

One last curiosity before turning to the recipe. For years the paternity of this cake has been played between two Italian regions: Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, but it seems that from 2017 the former has definitely won.

How to prepare Tiramisù? the traditional recipe

After my trip I looked for the traditional Tiramisù recipe on many blogs and magazines and now I will share with you the fruits of this research.


To make a Tiramisù in a workmanlike manner you will need sponge fingers, coffee, mascarpone, eggs and sugar. If you do not have all these ingredients, run immediately to buy them and start preparing this fantastic dessert following a simple procedure!

The cream

Let’s start with the excellent cream that is the real flagship of Tiramisù, to get it you will have to divide the yolks from the whites, add the sugar slowly to the yolks, whip the whites with the mascarpone and finally tie them all together until you get a light and tasty cream.

The preparation of Tiramisù

When the cream is ready, you can start preparing ladyfingers by dipping them in the cold coffee you prepared earlier. Be very careful to add a little water to the coffee, so that it releases its aroma but does not cover the flavor of the other ingredients too much. When you are done wetting the ladyfingers you can start composing the cake by placing the first layer of ladyfingers and then covering it with the cream.

Continue like this until you have finished your ingredients, then decorate everything with a sprinkling of bitter coffee: here is your traditional Tiramisù ready to be enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed the article and it was useful to prepare your Tiramisù!

If you have never tried this cake and you are preparing for a vacation in Venice I recommend this suggestive tour of Treviso and Valdobbiadene with the departure from Venice. It will be a fantastic opportunity to discover the excellent Prosecco of these valleys and taste a Tiramisù prepared following all the procedures of the chef Linguanotto.

What can we say, we can only wish you a good trip and enjoy your meal!

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