Those who have already been to Venice know this, the aperitif here is much more than a convivial moment before meals, it is a true ritual celebrated every day in the bàcari and some squares of the city. On sunny days you can see Venetians and tourists sitting at the tables sipping the typical bright red drink, the Spritz!

But this is not what we wanted to talk about here, but rather about the fancy little snack that can’t miss during these happy hours: cicchetti!

Cicchetti in Venice: what is a cicchetto?

In the rest of Italy, maybe you know, the word cicchetto indicates a shot of an alcoholic drink, but not in Venice! In fact the cicchetti in Venice are like the tapas in Spain

The term probably derives from the Latin cicus, that is to say a small amount, in fact the term cicchetto means delicious tastings of dishes of all kinds.

Cicchetti in Venice: the ones you should definitely taste

Usually every Bàcaro, a typical Venetian tavern, has its selection of cicchetti. Among these, however, there are some that cannot miss in a self-respecting tavern!

Even if it is not a Venetian recipe, in the selection of delicious cicchetti which are usually offered you can find mozzarella in carrozza, a sort of fried sandwich filled with cheese and ham or cheese and anchovies. The undisputed king of tavern food is saor sauce, used to flavour sardines, pumpkin and other types of fish: you can’t say you have been to Venice without having tried at least one type!

Finally a cicchetto suitable for everyone, meatballs! In Venice you can find them of all kinds, from vegetarian to classic, made with simple or stewed meat, can you do without them?

We think not! Here’s a tour that will let you taste all of the above in some selected bàcari.

Cicchetti in Venice: the bàcaro tour

A bàcaro tour that will take you to discover all these flavors in the company of a guide who will tell you some curiosities and nice anecdotes about Venice. The tour lasts two and a half hours and includes 6 tastings in selected taverns. Taking part is really simple, just follow this link and select the number of people and the day. Enjoy your tour and your meal!

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