One thing you can be sure of: if you are planning a visit to Veneto you will certainly not leave dry-mouthed!

This region offers delights for your palate and your eyes… Treviso has its Prosecco, known throughout the world, but Verona is not inferior and will amaze you with its wines. Valpolicella and Amarone: two warhorses of Verona. In this article we will be talking about this delicious nectar and we will give you some wine tasting tips.

Valpolicella and Amarone, Verona and its precious wines: the characteristics

If you haven’t done it yet, you should know that a tasting of Amarone is one of the “must do” things in life, unless, of course, you are a non-drinker! To make you understand why, we’ll describe their characteristics.

Amarone is a wine with a dark color, deep red like the ruby, and with olfactory and organoleptic notes reminiscent of dried fruit, tobacco and spices. All these beautiful scents are donated by the molds that are created during the withering of the grapes.

 Valpolicella is a younger wine, the color is similar to that of Amarone but the taste and aroma are different. Here you can notice more bitter notes, a slightly ethereal and vanilla fragrance.

Valpolicella and Amarone, Verona and its precious wines: history

The ancestor of Valpolicella and Amarone is a wine that already existed in the fourth century AD and described by Cassiodorus, Minister of Theodoric, king of the Visigoths. In a letter he defines this wine, obtained with a particular drying technique, such as Acinatico. The name of the wine was then changed to Valpolicella (from the Latin “Valleys of the many wineries”), from the same territory in which it was, and still is, produced.

Well, now you surely have an idea of ​​the characteristics of these two wines that today are an Italian excellence in the world. So, if you are already in Venice or planning a short stay, we suggest you try a tasting of these excellent wines in nearby Verona. How? There is a guided tour that will allow you, with an expert’s explanation, to fully experience this encounter. You’ll see, it will be a party or your palate!

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