The Carnival of Venice is perhaps one of the oldest and most important in the world, thousands of visitors are preparing to travel to Venice to live this experience.

For this reason, we advise you not to be caught unprepared and to discover the 2020 edition program in advance.

The Carnival of Venice: Opening of the 2020 Carnival

This year the celebrations will start on February 9th. As for several years now, the focal event of the celebrations will be the water procession, a contemporary reinterpretation of an ancient tradition. A parade of festively decorated boats will cross the Grand Canal to reach Rio Cannaregio. Upon arrival of the boats fritole, galani and other typical food and wine products of the Venetian Carnival will be offered at the banquets.

The Carnival of Venice: Procession and Festa delle Marie

In antiquity, during the Festa delle Marie the Doge gave 12 young and humble women the jewels of the Serenissima Republic and other riches they wore during their weddings. Also this year the historical scenographic procession will cross the Riva degli Schiavoni towards San Marco, where the presentation to the public of the Marys will take place.

The Carnival of Venice: Official Dinner Show

The Venice Carnival comes to life in the calli and in its historic palaces, where sumptuous private parties are held. For the occasion, the Casino headquarters, Cà Vedramin Calergi, becomes the location for the official event of the Venetian Carnival nights.

Venice Carnival: the flight of the Angel

On February 16 Linda Pani, the beautiful winner of the Festa delle Marie in 2019, will take on the role of the Angel for the traditional flight. The first flight will be followed by the Donkey’s flight (February 23 in Mestre from 11.30), the Eagle’s flight (February 23 at 12.00 in Piazza San Marco) and the “Svolo del Leon” (February 25 from 17.00).

Venice Carnival: how to reach the historic center

Now there is only one thing left to do: buy a plane or train ticket to Venice and enjoy all these events. If you reach the city by plane, upon your arrival you will not be in the historic center of the city but in Mestre. Don’t panic, getting to Venice is easy and convenient. To find out how to get comfortably by bus we recommend you visit this site.

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