Are you ready to be part of the greatest summer party of the Venetian tradition but not only? Have you put your camera in your satchel and woken up your inner party animal yet? Great, now you are only left with the arrangements to get to Redentore, not the easiest mission given the expected turnout of people in Venice on those days, the 15th and 16th of July. If you come from Chioggia, Jesolo, Caorle or Eraclea, here you are with some info about transportation, which can turn out to be veeeery useful.

From Caorle to Piazzale Roma and return

You can arrive in Venice from Caorle with ATVO line 4A. Departures from Caorle start with a first ride at 05:00 and stop at 23:00. On the way back, the first bus leaves form Venice, Piazzale Roma at 06:00, with a service running until 21:00. The bus stops at Eraclea Mare (25 minutes after leaving Caorle), Eraclea (30 minutes), Marco Polo Airport (1 hour and 20 minutes).

From the seashores to Venice via maritime transport

If you prefer maritime transport, a reliable choice is to reach Venice from the shores with a boat, the most comfortable and quickest way! From the hinterland you will arrive at Punta Sabbioni, a strip of sand close to Venice; from here you can board and sail towards the city: Venice sightseeing from the sea is always a magical experience.

To reach Punta Sabbioni:

  • Line 23aLido Di Jesolo – Cavallino – Punta Sabbioni, from 5.00 to midnight
  • Line 23b: Lido Di Jesolo – Aqualandia – Via F. Baracca – Punta Sabbioni, from 05:45 to 22:50
  • Line 23c: Via Delle Batterie Camping – Punta Sabbioni, from 08:00 to 12:30 for the outbound rides and from 15:15 to 19:45 return
  • Line 23d: Lido Di Jesolo – Burano – Torcello – Murano, outbound rides from 6:15 to 22:50

From Punta Sabbioni to Venice:

  • Line 12 Actv: 24hrs service stopping at  P.Sabbioni – Treporti – Burano – Torcello – Mazzorbo – Murano – Venice (F.Te Nove) and return
  • Line 14 Actv: 24 hrs service stopping at Venice (S.Marco-s.Zaccaria) – Lido – Punta Sabbioni – Treporti – Burano and return
  • Line 15 Actv: 2 rides per day stopping at Punta Sabbioni – Venice (S.Marco – S.Zaccaria) and return

Special and seasonal rides

From June the 5th to September the 8th, Monday to Friday, there is also a special and seasonal ride, ATVO line 42, which runs twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening and connects Caorle, Jesolo and Eraclea to Venice and the biggest islands.

Are you leaving from Bibione?

From this seaside location it is easy to get either to Latisana and then, from there, get on a train to Venice (for timetables, or to arrive at Punta Sabbioni for the ferry service. There is also a bus service, which takes you straight to Venice. Here you are with the main choices:

  • Line 37(bus + ferry) BIBIONE – VENICE (S. Marco) – Burano – Torcello – Murano, outbound ride at 07:40 from Bibione, return at 16:45 from Venice
  • Quickly Bus&Boat Actv + Atvo: Bibione – Venice San Marco (Bus+Boat) outbound at 09:03 and return at 18:15
  • Atvo Line 7: Bibione – Latisana, outbound rides from 05:20 to 22:35, 3 hours journey

From Chioggia and Sottomarina to Venice

If you are leaving from Chioggia and Sottomarina you have two options: to reach the lagoon either with overland or with maritime transportation. To reach Venice with land transports, you can take Actv line 80E,which leaves from Sottomarina and whose last stop is at Piazzale Roma, next to Venice Santa Lucia railway station. The first departure from Sottomarina is at 02:35, the last one at 00:20. The First ride from Venice leaves at 04:00 and the last one is at 01:35.

As an alternative, Actv ferry n.11 has a 24 hours service and its route includes Chioggia – Ca’ Roman – Pellestrina – Alberoni – Lido with the possibility to be used as a straight connection between Lido and Venice.