For three days, from 6 to 8 May, the city of Jesolo will become the hub of stimulating debates in the field of geopolitics thanks to the International Festival of European Geopolitics. The first event that will offer the opportunity to discuss and reflect on geostrategic policies with an eye that is not limited to the national area, but that is open to the European reality.

The event programme

The programme, packed with presentations, will begin on Thursday 6 May at 15.30 with greetings from the municipal and regional authorities and then, at 16.00, with an introduction to geopolitics and its crucial role in understanding our contemporary world.

The Festival will then get to the heart of the matter with the topics of diplomacy, the centrality of the aerospace sector in the future of states and geopolitics in the Mediterranean area, with particular attention to the role of Italy and Europe.

Space will also be reserved for a reflection on security: the role of the armed forces – with a reference to the European operation Irini in Libya to promote peace – the centrality of intelligence and cyber security.

The extremely topical issues of global economic competition in the field of energy transition, the public health emergency and biodiversity, which is closely linked to the latter, will also be addressed.

The Festival, which will end at 12 noon on Saturday 8 May with the speakers’ final words, can be followed live via streaming on the official Facebook channel of the International Festival of European Geopolitics.

Geopolitics as a leitmotif

Geopolitics will be the leitmotif of the event, an opportunity to open up and expand on disciplines that only appear to be unrelated one the surface. For this reason, the guests invited to speak belong to different fields: not only experts in geopolitics, but also ambassadors, members of the armed forces, doctors and virologists.

Want to find out more about the Festival’s themes? While waiting for the start of this event, you can have a taste of the topics that will be discussed by watching the video interviews made by the team behind Atlantis Magazine.

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