The 10th annual Giro Laguna with Adria Bikes will take place on September 24. This event is for bike enthusiasts and anybody else who wants to spend the day entirely immersed in the delights of the Venetian lagoon.
Here is a brief overview of the event.


The Journey

This circle path is one of a kind and will let you to explore the Lagoon‘s most stunning and secret spots while admiring the flora and animals of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The journey will start at Cavallino Treporti’s market square, and it will continue by bicycle to the brand-new Respiro Bicycle Path, which is scheduled to be finished in summer 2022.


Inches from the sea while pedaling in the wild

This brand-new facility is three and a half kilometers long and offers us a stunning, distinctive lagoon scenery to discover just feet from the sea.
You may download a variety of breathtaking trails on Cavallino and elsewhere to use anytime you wish by visiting this page.


A historically significant boat ride

The journey will continue until Jesolo, where pedal after pedal will take passengers deeper and deeper into the lagoon of Venice. After a brief boat ride, we will reach Portegrandi, where we will continue biking over the 52-kilometer-long, intricate Sile Greenway.
After a restorative break, the path will be resumed so that you may bike along the Sile River‘s bank to the gates of Cavallino and learn more about other ecological regions.


The region of the Veneto with the most remarkable natural history

The Northern Lagoon of Veneto‘s most intriguing naturalistic area will be shown on this itinerary; it is less well-known than Venice’s rural surroundings, but no less fascinating.
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Litoranea bike

Do you know about the new ATVO transportation service?
It goes by the name of Litoranea Bike and connects the major beach destinations along the coast, including Bibione, Lugugnana, Caorle, Eraclea Mare, Lido di Jesolo, Cavallino, and Punta Sabbioni, during the summer.
Discover the various paths you may enjoy on your bicycle by downloading the guides designed particularly for each stage.