Have you decided that this is the right year to reward yourself with a trip that really breaks the everyday monotony? Immerse yourself in the sparkling atmosphere of Venice at Carnival! We’ve chosen for you five unmissable events of the Venice Carnival 2019.

The Venice Carnival is the most awaited event in the city. Children and adults start to make all kinds of costumes months before to show them off during the days of the celebration, in fact walking through the streets of Venice during the Carnival will give you an impression of landing on another planet.

This year the Venetian Carnival will start on February 17, we propose five events not to be missed!

Five unmissable events at the Venice Carnival 2019: The Venetian festival on the water

The Venetian Carnival opens with the parade of “masked boats”On February 17 at 11.00 amthe water procession will start from Punta della Dogana and will continue along the Grand Canal until reaching the popular Rio di Cannaregio, where Venetians and city guests will eagerly await the parade along the Fondamenta.

We advise you to arrive early, so you can get in the front row and enjoy the show!

The colorful scenery of the boats, the typical cicheti, the tasting of fritole and Venetian galani offered by the stands in the Fondamenta will be worth waiting!

Five unmissable events at the Venice Carnival 2019: Procession and “Festa delle Marie”

On February 23rd the traditional “Festa delle Marie” will take place, a real treat for those who love historical reenactments and want to know the history of the city. In the past, during this festival, the rapture and liberation of twelve betrothed which took place at the time of the Doge Pietro Candiano III was celebrated. This celebration was re-established in the 70s and today, even if Venice no longer has a Doge, it continues to have its Marias.

The parade will start at 2.30 pm from San Pietro di Castello and will cross via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni forming a spectacular procession that will arrive on the stage in Piazza San Marco.

Five unmissable events at the Venice Carnival 2019: The flight of the angel

Like the “Festa delle Marie” this show has a centuries-old history, it is said that the first angel was a Turkish acrobat who demonstrated his ability by descending from the Campanile di San Marco to the balcony of Palazzo Ducale using a barbell. Since then, every year the exhibition took place, giving the young Venetians the opportunity to show their courage. In 1759 a terrible accident convinced everyone that a wooden dove would be more suitable than a real person. That year, in fact, the flight ended with the death of the acrobat.

In recent years the tradition has been re-established and, with the necessary precautions, the flight takes place each year. In 2019 the angel will be Erika Chia, Maria of the Carnival 2018 and the flight will take place on February 24th!

Five unmissable events at the Venice Carnival 2019: The Carnival of Burano

For many years, from Thursday to Shrove Tuesday musical performances, carnival floats, confetti and costumed parades have taken place in of one of the most famous islands of Venice, the colorful Burano. On the occasion, the picturesque Piazza Galuppi will be festively dressed and will become the stage for all these events. The first appointment will be on February 28th from 15.00!

Five unmissable events at the Venice Carnival 2019: The most beautiful mask competition

On the catwalk of Piazza San Marco the most beautiful masks of this year’s Carnival will compete. A double daily appointment will involve the whole Piazza, its guests and a jury who will choose the winners. The final parade will be held on Sunday, March 3 from 11.00 to 13.00. Who will be the winner of this edition?

Have you ever been to Venice at Carnival? It’s time to make up for this! Put a wig and a mask in your suitcase and get ready for takeoff!

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