I’ll only say 3 words: sarde, go, and schie and you’ll, unless you were born in Venice, surely need help to understand what I’m talking about.

Savory,delicious, tasty, these dishes have filled the tables of Venetians for centuries, inviting their palates with strong but unique aromas.

If you are planning a trip to Venice, add to your to-do-list the moral obligation to try these Venetian dishes…you won’t be disappointed.

Venetian dishes: Sarde in saor

With a delicate, sweet and sour flavour, the sardines in saor have passed to Venice’s history as “food of sailors and mainland stockpiles”: in fact their origin is linked to the method sailors used for their preservation during long ship voyages. Vinegar, onions, raisins and pine nuts were according to these sea wolves perfect remedies for the long-term preservation of fish.

The addition of the onions was not a random one: it prevented the bacterial proliferation responsible for food deterioration. In short, the dish is the result of a casual yet brilliant creation. Today, they are the official dish of theRedeemer’s Day.

Venetian dishes: risotto de go

One of the oldest and most typical Venetian dishes of the fishermen communities of Burano, the risotto de goowes its name to a common goby, a low-value lagoon fish, unobtrusive, but gluttonous grab to bite ?

From this thorny, difficult- to-clean fish, an excellent risotto is obtained which is among the most authentic and ancient Venetian dishes. The best time to enjoy the go is late autumn-winter, when, with low tides, the fishermen go to the “barene” to “busi de go” (the burrows that these fish dig in the mud) catching tens of pounds in a short time.

I’m talking about catching and not fishing because, by the way, the brave fishermen – I dare say – using a somewhat rudimentary fishing technique, grab the fish by squeezing their arms into the holes that these fish dig in the barena mud.

But let’s go to the third and final dish … make yourself comfortable, the dish is about to arrive on the table!

Venetian dishes: schie con polenta

Small size, great taste. Schie are grey baby crustaceans who appear slightly different from the classic shrimp. Rich-flavored pulp, these delicacies are enjoyed exclusively in the lagoon area between Venice and Trieste, where they are caught in large quantities. With hot polenta, incredible encounters come to life.

Have you ever tried some of these 3 traditional Venetian dishes? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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