Spending the New Year’s Eve in Venice is a magical experience that you should try at least once in a lifetime. This unique city, suspended in time, is in itself a breathtaking scenery all year round but its beauty shines even more during the New Year celebrations.


If you’ve never been in the lagoon at this time of year, be sure that you’re missing something incredible. Welcoming the New Year in Venice brings together a multiplicity of nuances: from the most passionate romanticism to the charm and the mystery of a unique city, without forgetting the fun.

If you have already packed your bags for Venice, here is a mini guide on what to do in Venice on New Year’s Eve.

What to do in Venice on New Year’s Eve: the magical frame of Saint Mark’s Square


The central point of the celebrations of the Venetian New Year is undoubtedly Saint Mark’s Square, with the fireworks reflecting on the water and the traditional midnight kiss that the lovers exchange to celebrate the new year. The event Love is full of meaning because it symbolizes love and brotherhood, a good wish to be exchanged with the person you love.


Many artists will perform in Saint Mark’s Square to celebrate the new beginning and from 21:00 until the morning they will follow each other on stage to fire up the longest night of the year.


Are you a born party animal? Shows and DJ sets await you in the Lido area, an ideal place where young people can immerse themselves in the New Year’s night between wild dances and music!



What to do in Venice on New Year’s Eve: Venice between lights and typical dishes

Venice is not just a party, but it is also a maze of restaurants, typical bacari and atmosphere. I think that getting lost in its streets dressed up for a party and watching the colored lights reflected in the lagoon is one of the most beautiful things in the world.


Although it’s true that Venice doesn’t know the low season, it’s also true that in this period there is, together with the Carnival, a greater tourist influx. People from all over the world decide to breathe the festive air around New Year.


I suggest you book your dinner in one of the many bars and restaurants that dot the city, tasting the specialties of local cuisine such as pasta and fasoi and the Venetian liver accompanied by onions. And then, why not, toast at midnight celebrating the new start!


In short, if you prefer more easygoing celebrations, sit down to sip a glass of wine or an aperitif accompanied by typical snacks, it’s the cheapest but at the same time the closest solution to the spirit of this city.


What to do in Venice on New Year’s Eve: not just feasts in the squares


Looking for a way to spend the New Year in Venice, so to speak, “outside of the choir”? ? You can take part in the traditional New Year’s concert at the Teatro la Fenice. In this magical place, where the greatest talents of the history of theater have performed, every year midnight is expected with music and bubbles.


Moroever, after midnight the steamboats are doubled, to allow everyone to move easily from one point to another and to return to their accommodation at any time.


So, did I persuade you to spend New Year’s Eve in this magical city? Come on, hurry up with the suitcases! ?


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