Classical music enthusiasts and those who aren’t, report! Why do I say this? Because you don’t need to be an aficionado of the genre to appreciate Viva Vivaldi, the exhibition dedicated to the artistic personality of the “red priest” Antonio Vivaldi, until December 31 at the Diocesan Museum of Venice.

Viva Vivaldi: 3D mapping and extraordinary sensory effects

As soon as you enter the polyphonic setup designed for the occasion, you immediately feel that something magical is about to happen. A perception that increases as soon as the extraordinary video-mapping experience begins, with a special 3D immersive technology.

At that point, the eyes reflect the colors and shapes that change on the walls, playing with the architectural elements of the room and giving the impression of being in different places at the same time.

But that’s not all! The interplay between lights, video and shapes is tuned with the melody of the composer, remastered in a modern way and diffused with a sophisticated surround system. Furthermore, at some point in the show the spring blooms around and you get flooded by the delicate olfactory effects which, like a fragrant bouquet, spread throughout the hall.

In short, the great virtuoso of the violin revives in a sensory experience of authentic beauty, capable of communicating breath-taking emotions even to those who are not passionate about classical music or are not used to frequent museums.


Viva Vivaldi: artistic production

The narrative of Vivaldi’s person and work is interpreted by the poet as well as Artistic Director David Rondoni, accompanied by Jean François Touillaud’s artistic and technical direction, and by the music consultations of the composer Cristian Carrara.

The famous film critic Gianni Canova is also one of the advisors.

Viva Vivaldi: useful info

If you don’t want to miss this unique show in Italy, you have time until December 31!

The show is held at the Diocesan Museum of Venice, Cloister of St. Apollonia, Castle 4312, 30122 Venice VE.

It takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am to 6pm. The tickets, available at the museum or online, cost 15 euros or 12 euros reduced-price.

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