Experiencing Venice is a unique opportunity, but experiencing it on board of a vessel with lugsail is indeed unforgettable. We left for a breathtaking guided tour in the heart of the lagoon on board of this historic vessel and we found ourselves immersed in the authentic seafaring tradition with all its old-time stories and customs.

Our captain told us how in fact these vessels made the story of Venice, taking us back in time remembering the dawning of the navy, when these ships cut through the most important seas of the whole world.

We found out about the origins of the lugsail itself, a particular type of a trapezoidal sail common between the XVII and the XVIII centuries, which was an evolution of both the more ancient squared sails and the still-in-use-on-most-modern-yacths axial sails (better known as Bermuda).

And what about the gaudy colours? The captain explained to us that the chromatic choice is not random, but in stead respectful of the memory of times in which, due to thick haze and insufficient lightning, it was essential being recognised by other sailors.

We can tell you already that the city is full of similar activities and experiences. Do you have any further question? Leave a comment.