Venice’s Borges Labyrinth

Yes, a salizade maze within a city that is itself a labyrinth!

Did you know that one of Italy’s most alluring labyrinths can be found on the Island of San Giorgio in Venice

The Giorgio Cini Foundation built the Borges Labyrinth in 2011 at Maria Kodama’s request and in honor of her late husband, author Jorge Luis Borges. 

It was created by British diplomat Randoll Coate, who was attracted by the author’s achievements and was motivated by his short tale “The Garden of Forking Paths” to construct one of Venice’s most fascinating locations.

“The labyrinth has also been gone, along with the thread. We are now unsure of whether a labyrinth, a hidden galaxy, or just random chaos surrounds us.”

A 1 kilometer long mystery that can carry the visitor into a spiritual and metaphysical train that can inspire thought and amazement.

The Borges labyrinth visit

What to see inside the island of San Giorgio in Venice

Up until recently, the only way to see the labyrinth was from the terrace of the Branca Center, giving visitors a bird’s-eye view of this natural wonder while it was surrounded by vegetation. 

In addition to the gardens, one could see intriguing sculptures honoring Borges’ writings from this vantage point, including two hourglasses, a question mark, a tiger, a stick, and a mirror.

Cosa fare a Venezia in 1 giorno nel canal grande
Cosa fare a Venezia in 1 giorno nel canal grande

Discover the soundtrack

Of this beautiful labyrinth


Today, you can further immerse yourself in this surreal experience thanks to the guided tours offered by the Giorgio Cini Foundation. Every day but Wednesday, you can visit the magnificent labyrinth and walk around while listening to the soundtrackWalking The Labyrinth,” which was written by Antonio Fresa and performed with the Orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

As explained by the composer himself, “it is a suite in four movements that tells the metaphor of existence flowing backwards, experienced through evaporation, solidity, chaos and the origin of life.”

In other words, if you’re a fan of the popular Argentine author, wander aimlessly in this unusual labyrinth, which is 2300 square meters in size and home to more than three thousand plants.

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