What to drink in Venice besides the Spritz?

When it comes to cocktails in Venice, the first thing that undoubtedly comes to mind is the Spritz: the now widely known aperitif made with white wine, often Prosecco, a bitter liqueur, and soda water, which was officially recognized by the IBA only in the recent year of 2011.

However, the Spritz is not the only cocktail you can find among the narrow streets and neighborhoods of Venice. Let’s explore Venice’s drinking scene together, blending old-fashioned traditions with modern experimentation.

Spritz Aperol Venezia da bere

Old-fashioned cocktails for lovers of tradition

The quintessential Venetian cocktail is the “historic” Bellini. If you wish to savor it where it was conceived, you cannot miss the iconic Harry’s Bar.

Founded near Piazza San Marco by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931, it is a landmark of the city and in 1948 gave birth to this velvety peach-scented drink, inspired by the palettes of the painter Bellini.

On the other hand, born from the restoration of the nineteenth-century Caffè dei Frari, of which the original paintings remain on the ground floor.

Il Mercante draws inspiration from Venice’s history, its trade with the East, and sea voyages.

The pairings, primarily based on rum and whiskey, are rich in exotic flavors, spices, and combinations of fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, at the Baglioni, one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, mixology takes a decidedly old-school turn. Here, the head bartender serves a Manhattan that tastes like New York and, in their formal attire, offers top-notch old-fashioned service while flawlessly preparing all classic cocktails.

Bellini Venezia da bere
bloody mary venezia da bere

Experimental Cocktails for the Bold Adventurer

If you’re in search of new flavors and aromas, let yourself be inspired by the many establishments that offer unusual and experimental concoctions.

For instance, the Gran Caffè Quadri, in addition to reimagined Venetian “cicchetti” classics with a gourmet twist, presents intriguing Signature cocktails. At the bar, you’ll discover eleven fresh proposals that reinvent the Martini, such as the Dirty Black Truffle Martini with black truffle and the J Martini with saffron, licorice powder, and gold leaf. This enticing selection is further enriched with eight different types of Spritz, paying homage to the city, including the Alajmo with Barbaresco chinato and the one dedicated to Philippe Starck, featuring Campari, Franciacorta, Angostura, and lime.

And lastly, the St. Regis deserves a mention. The unique aspect of this hotel chain is that every Bloody Mary served at any St. Regis around the world has local characteristics reflecting the place where it is located. The special Venetian version of this cocktail is named “Santa Maria,” in honor of the nearby Santa Maria church. It includes grapes, the symbol of Veneto in the form of grappa and verjus, tomato juice, and vodka with horseradish, a common ingredient in Bloody Mary cocktails but also a typical Venetian ingredient.

Do you want to indulge in these classic and new blends as well? Find the nearest ATVO stop and head to Venice for your cocktail experience!