Very few know about the chance to take up a real and proper ghost tour while on a visit to Venice. We took part to it and were bewitched by it too! We learnt about the darkest side of the history of Serenissima, its peculiar and often forsaken locations and the most clamorous episodes of its own history. Here for you what we actually discovered.

Venice Ghost tour: the mysterious history of the lagoon

The history of Venice is full of charm. Many men have passed through Venice making the history of Italy and the world itself. Just think about Marco Polo, Galileo Galilei and Carlo Goldoni. Venice is also a land of infinite mystery, though. For example, one of the most mysterious and enigmatic corners of the city is Campo dei Mori, whose palaces were built by Mastelli family, arrived in Venice from Morea (and therefore called Mori) in 1113.

On their palace’s facade some very odd statues can be spotted. They are actually linked to a curious legend. The 3 Mori brothers, in fact, would have been turned into stone due to a curse thrown by a woman who had given them her incomes and was instead tricked by them. While exploring more deeply all the alleys and the most hidden little streets, more mysteries have unveiled to our eyes: spirits and invisible presences seem to be lingering around the history of the lagoon.

Venice Ghost tour: all the secrets of the lagoon

If you like ghost stories, well, you absolutely must visit the Casino degli Spiriti, which owes its name to the belief that it is a place haunted by restless spirits. The most famous ghost which is said to appearing more often among its rooms was the one of Luzzo, a painter of the XVI century, who had been used to meet right in those rooms with Giorgione, Tiziano and Sansovino. Luzzo killed himself because of an unreturned love: he madly fell in love with one of Giorgione’s lovers: Cecilia. Also, the corpse of Linda Cimetta, whose brutal murder still remains a mystery, was found in this same place.

If you are passionate about mysteries too you cannot miss out on the chance of visiting San Giovanni and San Paolo church, in which Casanova was arrested and to which an exciting escape followed. Rialto Bridge hides lots of mysteries too. It seems that when the bridge was being built, the devil was taking time to destroy the daily work every night, impeding its construction. It was exactly Satan who then set up one of the workers, by asking his wife to be the first one to cross the bridge.

So, if you want to discover the surreal, mysterious and evocative side of Venice, you only need to be up for…a thrill ride!

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