Everyone thinks Venice is gorgeous only from the water, but I don’t think so. Or rather, not only from the water. The lagoon is full of panoramic views and suggestive vistas that deserve to be seen at least once from above.

Up there you can feel the breeze in your hair, dream of spreading your wings as many birds which inhabit the lagoon city do.

From the top of its bell towers and palaces, you can enjoy incredible views, linger at the maze of canals, observe the traffic of boats and taxi boats, see all the monuments to which it owes its fame.

So here is the list of enchanting places from where you can enjoy exceptional and unusual vistas of the lagoon, amazing panoramic views that will leave you breathless.


Venice from above: Saint Mark’s Church Tower


When you arrive at St. Mark’s Square, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy … and deservingly. If it’s nice to take a stroll there, just think how great it is to observe it from above!

If you don’t suffer from dizziness I recommend you climb for over 98 meters to the top of the St. Mark’s Church Tower. If the day is clear, you will have the opportunity to see not only Venice but also the mountains in the distance.


Venice from above: Fondaco dei Tedeschi


From this panoramic point, St. Mark’s, St. Peter’s and Paul’s Basilica, Our Lady of the Garden and the Friarswill loosen in front of your eyes.

The view from here is unique, as Fondaco is near the Rialto Bridge, where the Grand Canal traces the most photographed curve in the world.

From this terrace, originally the merchants’ landing place, you can enjoy a 360° view of the lagoon. Obviously, useless to say, fascinating.


Venice from above: Bell Tower of St. George


If you want to capture unusual views of the lagoon, I suggest you climb to the Bell Tower of St. George, located on the homonymous island in front of Palazzo Ducale. Although well-known and bustling with tourists, there are few photos that portray Venice from the island of St. George, especially from the top of its bell tower.

What can you admire here? Looking down, you will see the back of the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, the buildings of Punta della Dogana, the Giudecca and the famous Redentore church.


Do you know some other places where you can admire the beauty of Venice from another perspective? Write it in the comments!