If you still haven’t decided how to celebrate Valentine’s Day we have five tips for you, we’ll make you discover the most romantic experiences to live in Venice during the most romantic day for lovers.

We often hear that Venice is the city of love, don’t believe that this title has been attributed by chance because Venice has every right to boast this name! Romantic views, sunsets on the lagoon, moonlight reflecting in the water of the canal and illuminating the silent city at night, all of this, and not only, make Venice the city of love. I have chosen for you five romantic experiences to live in the city of love, enjoy reading!

Five romantic experiences to live in the city of love: a gondola ride along the Grand Canal

This boat is perhaps the symbol of the city, while it was once used periodically on special occasions by the Venetians, today taking a gondola ride has become a real attraction. The gondola offers a completely new perspective of Venice, you can breathe the rhythm of the city while you let yourself be lulled by the undulating motion of the boat. An absolutely magical experience, perfect for couples!

Five romantic experiences to live in the city of love: a photoshoot for two

If you, like me, can’t help but take a thousand photos when you visit a city, I suggest you try this experienceEntrusting your memories to the shots of a professional can be a way to relive at any time the moments passed with your sweetheart, I recommend this package which includes a photoshoot of one or two hours. You will be immortalized as a true jet set star in Venice 


Five romantic experiences to live in the city of love: romantic dinner for two

In Venice you can find many uncrowded restaurants, perfect locations for intimate dinners. I’ll recommend a couple of them that will certainly impress you! The first one is CoVino, a small restaurant with only six tables located near the Piazza San Marco. Fresh food, excellent wine and fish specialties. The second one is La Zucca, much loved by the Venetians and famous for having many veggie-friendly dishes. If you and your partner want to discover the typical Venetian cuisine, dine at La Vedova, known throughout the city for its delicious meatballs.

Five romantic experiences to live in the city of love: breakfast in the most romantic café in Venice

The café I’m talking about here is Serra dei Giardini, located just a few steps from the Arsenale, it’s an oasis of peace and tranquility far from the crowds of the Piazza San Marco. Surrounded by verdant plants you can sip your coffee watching the passersby from the large windows of the greenhouse. A slightly bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for conversation.

Five romantic experiences to live in the city of love: a walk along Le Zattere at sunset

At the beginning of this article I mentioned the magic of Venetian sunsets, then again, which time of day is more appropriate to abandon oneself in the arms of one’s love? Well, the most beautiful place to see the sunset in Venice is the Zattere, here the sun invades the foundations throughout the day and in the late afternoon it gradually sets behind the Stucky mill coloring the sky with golden, orange and rose hues.

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