Venice Film Festival: Guide to the 2020 edition

Did you know that the Venice Film Festival is the oldest festival in the world dedicated to the big screen? This year, if you want to give yourself the experience of participating in this magnificent event, which involves thousands of people every year , here is all the information you may need to not miss out on anything.

What is the Venice Film Festival?

The Venice Film Festival is an event that has been a staple of Septembers in the lagoon for the past 77 years, It is an event that celebrates the big screen, both national and international, and is held in the historic Palazzo del Cinema, in the evocative setting of the Venice Lido. During this event, which will be held from 2 to 12 September in 2020, unpublished works are presented which will then make their debut later in theatres. At the end of the competition, with a jury that changes from year to year and which includes the most illustrious names in the film industry, the prestigious Golden Lion award is awarded, which is considered one of the most prestigious in Europe. What also characterises the ten days of the Venice Film Festival is a series of side events, all connected to the main theme dealt with by that year’s edition, an unmissable event for the international “star system” that walks the classic red carpet for photos.

Why attend the Venice Film Festival?

If you are passionate about cinema, Venice Film Festival event is not to be missed, because this award is considered one of the most important in the world, together with the Golden Bear, which is awarded by the Berlin Film Festival and the Palme d’Or that is awarded in Cannes. At the Festival, you will be able to attend the film screenings that will be next season’s blockbusters and see your favourite actors up close. But the Venice Exhibition is also a very popular event for fans of gossip and VIP watching, as rarely on another occasion will they be able to find so many famous people gathered in the same place: it won’t be difficult for you to get a selfie with your favourite actor while taking a walk on the Lido or have breakfast at the bar and discover that that actress you always see on TV is there in the table next to yours. In short, a truly extraordinary event that will leave you with an indelible memory and an unforgettable experience.

The programme of the Venice Film Festival

The programme of the 77th Venice Film Festival this year will involve 18 debut films from all over the world: the films will be screened in the presence of the public and the jury. In addition, there will be the classic section, known as Out of Competition, which includes all those works that do not compete for the Golden Lion, but which have been chosen by the jury to give them visibility, as they have distinguished themselves for expressive originality and spectacular dimension: this section includes documentaries, long, and short films. This year the competition in the competition, Orizzonti, has also been confirmed,  in which works selected by the international jury  which represent the new trends in cinema, both from an expressive and aesthetic point of view, participate. The Fuori Salone programme is also rich with social events and glamorous events, all in collaboration with fashion houses and other, international companies.

Where to stay in Venice to attend the event?

Attending the Venice Film Festival can also be a unique opportunity to visit the city, which is truly a special example of its kind. There are so many things to see and do that the best advice you can follow is to choose an accommodation so you can move comfortably throughout the city, without wasting time or expending too much effort. An ideal solution is to use TravelBonds, where you can buy real bonds at discounted prices that you can take advantage of when you want in the selected accommodations. There are many different accommodations to fully satisfy your needs, all of the highest quality, both in the Lido area and in the centre of Venice. Some examples? Ca’ Centopietre, in a beautiful eighteenth-century building, or the Hotel Ca’di Valle, directly on the Lido.

How to get from the airport to Venice?

If you arrive in Venice by plane, it will not be difficult for you to reach the Lido, thanks to the many transport services that you will have at your disposal. One of the most comfortable is a company that manages bus connections, all equipped with Wi-Fi connection and other amenities that will make your stay on board much more pleasant