If you haven’t yet experienced the emotions of one of the most colorful and joyous festivals in Italy, it’s time to dive into that great festival of colors and music, the Carnival of Venice!

A traditional event for more than 900 years (the first official testimony is from 1094), this celebration dates back to an ancient past, when pagan rituals marked the cycle of the seasons, but it began to have international resonance from the 70s onwards.



Venice Carnival: The first encounters


Two weeks of events and encounters for all tastes: welcome to the Grand Carnival of Venice! The super event kermis will begin on January 27th to close on Tuesday, February 13th. Don’t miss the opening on the Rio di Cannaregio: thanks to special floating structures, an aquatic stage will be set up that will enchant you with striking plays of lights and water. You can watch the show in two reruns, at 6 and 8 pm… and it’s free! The first weekend of Carnival continues with an entertainment based on music and typical tastings organized by local associations, an engaging way to get you carried away by the joyful atmosphere of the lagoon city.


Venice Carnival: The most exclusive evenings


If you are a fan of the most exclusive and elite events, let yourself be seduced by the most refined flavors at the charming Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi palace. From Saturday 3 February until the end of the Carnival, its precious renaissance rooms will host exquisite gala dinners followed by dances until late at night. So you can relive the emotions of the past, letting yourself be carried away by a style you thought had been forgotten.


Venice Carnival: The great parade of wagons


As usual, large wagons set up by local associations will parade along the streets of the center on Saturday 10 February. The event will end in Piazza Mercato with the award ceremony at the end of the parade. If you plan to spend the Venice Carnival with a group of friends, this appointment should be on top of your list!


Venice Carnival: The Feast of the Marys


Are you a fan of traditional costumes? Then mark 3 February on your calendar! In fact, on that day, you’ll be able to admire a choreographic parade that will highlight the traditional beauties of the lagoon city. This recurring event dates back to the time of the Doges, when the major city authorities honored twelve young Venetian girls giving them fantastic jewels. The parade ends at 4pm on the stage set up in Piazza San Marco, the ideal setting that embellishes an event full of magic and charm.

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