The Venice Biennale is the most important Italian cultural organisation, active mainly in the music, theater, figurative arts sectors, but also in the world of dance, architecture and cinema.

The main objective of the organisation, originally born as a society aimed at spreading “culture”, is to promote interest in art and the art world, and for this reason it periodically organises numerous events of international importance.

Origin and history of the Venice Biennale

How did the idea to found the Biennale come about? The initiative was born in 1895 by a group of Venetians supported by the mayor of Venice.

From the beginning the organized events had great success and over the course of time the Biennale has become one of the greatest international events, in which prominent personalities of art and contemporary culture often participate.

Venice Biennale: what about its name?

The founders proposed to establish an artistic exhibition lasting two years, with a biennial frequency. This is where the name Biennale comes from.

The first international art exhibition took place in 1895, while in 1932 the Mostra del Cinema was inaugurated.

Today the Venice Biennale is not considered a simple art exhibition, but a unique event that celebrates new art trends from all over the world.

Venice Biennale: visiting the events

To visit the various events of the Biennale, including dance and film festivals, it is sometimes necessary to receive a special invitation.

In other cases it is possible to purchase the ticket, even online, whose price varies according to the event.

Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at authorized sales points, but you must first inquire about the availability and days of the various events.

For more information, visit the official website of the Venice Biennale.

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