If you are an authentic party-goer, you cannot miss out on ‘Redentore’, the most spectacular appointment for a summer in Venice. It is a feast we all are really fond of! Dancing, parties until the rise of dawn, fireworks, lights and atmospheres together convey this night of the year to a unique and magical level.

Enjoying a party on the boat is exclusively for few chosen ones, but we do assure you that there are also other places where you can taste and take advantage of ‘cicheti’ and glasses of wine for a pretty cheap price, while suspended above the water and floodlit by the striking fireworks.

But where does the ‘Redentore’ feast come from? It is easily said.

First of all, this feast was born as a religious celebration. In 1557, the Senate of the Republic of Serenissima actually had a church built and then named after the ‘Cristo Redentore’, as a symbol to celebrate the end of the plague, which had struck one third of the whole population of Venice.

The temple, designed by the architect Andrea Palladio, was completed in 1592. From that moment on, the various confraternities and the whole population started the tradition of a procession which then happened every year, walking on a temporary bridge being put together with different boats, one next to the other,  from the Grand Canal to the Giudecca Canal.

A tradition which has been going on to nowadays: it must have happened to you to walk across the bridge made of boat, while hoping not to lose your balance and fall over.

During the ‘Redentore’ the canals are filled up by ‘Gondole’, ‘Gondolete’, ‘Batèle’, ‘Còfani’, ‘Mascarète’, ‘Bragozzi’, ‘Sanpieròte’, ‘Sàndoli’ (as known as ‘Sandai’)- an amazing sight for sore eyes (without forgetting about the taste, given the fact that the best typical delicacies of the lagoon are being offered throughout the whole city!).

Hence, what are you waiting for popping by?

Festa del Redentore