If you are on vacation in Venice and you have a sudden desire to go to the mountains, don’t despair: the ski slopes are only a few kilometers from the lagoon.

In our article we reveal the best places to go skiing in Cortina, don’t miss our tips!

Why you should go skiing in Cortina

On the days when the sky is clear it is easy to catch a glimpse of them even from Venice, we are talking about the beautiful Dolomites, the Unesco heritage mountains since 1990. If they don’t seem so far away, it is because you’re not mistaking, in fact you can easily reach them simply by taking a bus. Find out now how to get there and book your tickets.

In the heart of these mountains stands Cortina, a jewel set in a beautiful landscape that offers fun and relaxation all year round. Skiing in Cortina is certainly the most popular activity in the winter, in fact, the mountains of the Ampezzo Dolomites offer 85 km of slopes and breathtaking views.

The Cortina ski area is made up of 3 interconnected areas: Faloria-Cristallo, Tofana, Lagazuoi-5 Torri.

Skiing in Cortina: Faloria-Cristallo

If you are looking for a track suitable for both beginners and experts, choose Faloria-Cristallo. Here, for example, you will find the Vitelli slope, which has been dedicated to lovers of “slow skiing” since 2010 and is characterized by multiple rest areas from which you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of all the Alps.

The area is famous for the variety of slopes, from those dedicated to beginners and children to technical slopes for experts.

From Rio Gere, the chairlift will take you to San Forca and the Cristallo ski slopes, where the champion Alberto Tomba once trained.

Skiing in Cortina: Tofana

You want to try out the slopes crossed by the female Alpine Ski World Champions? Choose the slopes of the Tofana area.

37 slopes for a total of 47 km divided into 6 black, 12 red, 13 blue and 6 green. Among these you can also find numerous snow parks and slopes for beginners.

Skiing in Cortina: Lagazuoi, 5 Torri

Averau Troi connects the Falzarego Pass to the 5 Torri area. With the cable car you can reach the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi where you can admire the beauty of Marmolada, of the Sella group, Civetta, Pelmo and Tofane.

In addition, the Armentarola track is one of the most suggestive of all the Dolomites. An enchanted valley in front of the Fanes Group mountains, to get there you can go to the Falzarego Pass and use the cable car which in just 3 minutes will reach 2,800 meters above sea level.

The description of these fabulous landscapes and the variety of its slopes may have convinced you that skiing in Cortina is the right way to spend your holidays, or even just a weekend away from the stress of big cities.

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