I had been hearing about it for ages and I finally gave it a try: I am talking about Shiatsu, a massage whose therapeutic practise was imported in Japan by the Buddhist monks in the VI century. We have to step that far back in time to discover the origin of the traditional Chinese medicine as we know it today.

I allowed myself a relaxing break in the most wonderful place in the whole world: downtown Venice. After a day spent walking through the narrow alleys, a pampering moment for myself only was a real cure-all for both the body and the mind.

Won over by the relaxing outcomes of the treatment, I wanted to deepen my knowledge about the origin of this technique by asking information to my trusted masseuse. This is when Lin unveiled to me how the thousand-year old treatment was born, the origin of its own name (指圧? shi = finger e atsu = pressure) and the healthy outcomes for the inner and outer body.

I therefore found out that the shiatsu is a massage interacting with the body itself and, being it really dynamics, it stimulates a self-healing process in the body of the receiver.

The pressure practiced on the body does not only slide away on the skin, but it actually penetrates in the depths, producing a stirring to which the body of the person receiving the treatment reacts, and so retrieving one’s own vital force (either known as ‘chi’) from the inside.

Hence, should you feel stressed or tired, the shiatsu is definitely what you need, especially after an intense day of strolling around Venice.