Can art meet technology in 28.000 square meters? At Magister Giotto everything is possible. From July 13 to November 5, the rooms of the magnificent Scuola Grande di Santa Maria di Misericordia in Venice offer a stunning experience, immersed in discovering the masterpieces of an absolute artist: Giotto.

750 years after his birth, Giotto appears younger and more innovative as ever: his works are not presented as simple hanging paintings, but become scenographic reconstructions, illusory and colorful visions. All the details, from the kiss between Gioacchino and Anna painted in the Scrovegni Chapel, to the blue-eyed dromedaries, are highlighted in order to catch the most hidden meanings in the works by one of the most revolutionary painters of art history.

Magister Giotto: exhibition itinerary

The exhibition itinerary, as I’ve already said and I repeat it, is beautiful and is worth seeing. The voice of Luca Zingaretti, the italian actor, accompanies the visitors for 45 minutes through the various visual impressions created by high-definition screens, composing an emotional and captivating story. In the background, the soundtrack realised ad hoc by the famous jazz musician Paolo Fresu.

Magister Giotto presents itself, in short, as more than a simple multimedia exhibition: the aim is to promote Italian art around the world, conceiving culture as a form of universal entertainment. And who better than Giotto, an innovator of the late medieval Western art, can interpret this message?    

Don’t miss an inimitable itinerary which from Middle Ages arrives to our day, up to the famous Giotto mission which discovered for the first time the Haley comet, subject in one of the paintings of the Tuscan painter.

Magister Giotto: useful info


Scuola Grande della Misericordia

Sestiere Cannaregio 3599

30121 Venice


July 13 / November 5 2017

From Sunday to Friday: 10:30 – 18:30

Saturday: 10:30 – 20 -30


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