You can often hear people complaining about the confusion in the streets and squares of Venice. The enormous beauty attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, but in addition to the beautiful Piazza San Marco and the Rialto there are many attractions less known by most people.

Today we give you a guide to hidden places, Venice will no longer have secrets for you.

5 hidden places, Venice Cannaregio

Let’s start from the basics, for example did you know that Venice has 6 districts, called “sestieri”? We will not delve too deeply into the origin of this word and the names of each of them, for now you just need to know that Cannaregio is one of them. This district extends from the railway station to the Rialto bridge and offers beautiful and lesser-known glimpses and locations:

  • the Ghetto, where you can learn about an important part of the history of the city
  • Fondamenta della Misericordia, favorite place for the nightlife of the locals
  • Fondamenta Nove, starting point to reach the most famous islands of the Lagoon.

5 hidden places, Venice and its bridge without a parapet

The arrival points are 2: Piazzale Roma and S. Lucia station. Reaching them from the airport and from the mainland is not difficult, here you will find bus lines and timetables

If you arrive from the station or from Piazzale Roma, we advise you to reach the Ponte delle Guglie and immediately turn left towards the Ghetto.

After a short visit, head to the Fondamenta della Misericordia, at the end of which, if you turn right, you will see a bridge without a parapet. It is not the only bridge without a parapet in Venice, but it is certainly very suggestive, this bridge is not so unusual, in fact once many of these did not have a barrier to protect passersby from the danger of falling into the water!

5 hidden places, Venice and the Gardens of Sant’Elena

One thing you would never have imagined is that Venice is full of public and private gardens that form a real green lung.

Perhaps the best known and most loved by the locals are the Gardens of Sant’Elena, famous for being very close to the Pavilions which host the Biennials of Art and Architecture.

We can assure you that taking a break on its benches on sunny days is one of the most relaxing things you can do in the city without spending a cent!

5 hidden places, Venice and the Arsenale

For its history it should be at the center of every self-respecting tour in Venice, here the Venetians kept the secret of the strength of the Serenissima’s military fleet. Galleys and ships that left to conquer the rich colonies were built right here!

The Arsenale can be visited during the opening months of the Biennials of Art and Architecture by purchasing the ticket for the exhibition, while the part under the jurisdiction of the Navy can be visited by contacting the Venice Institute of Maritime Military Studies.


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