If you want to have a taste of the local community atmosphere, you must absolutely pop in at Rialto market, one of the most ancient in the whole city of Venice. Right close to the same named famous bridge, the market widens between Campo de la Pescaria and the beautiful Campo San Giacometo, within the beating heart of Venice’s historic city centre.

It is a lively and dynamic area, made up by small shops, ateliers, butcheries where we had fun getting lost, mingling ourselves with many tourists and locals chock-a-block with grocery shopping bags.

Between spices scents and fresh fish smell we first-hand experienced the traditional dishes that usually smother the Venetian tables. Our mission? To select and buy the ingredients that could allow us to recreate recipes as authentic as they have always used to be.

Rialto Market is not only a historic place for Venetian people, but also a place of reference for local food and wine culture, offering specialities and essential raw materials for preparing dishes with a genuine tasteappreciated by true blue Venetians.

After stockpiling fresh red mullets, calamari and seasonal vegetables, our tour went on into a historic Venetian palace. And here, guess what, we improvised ourselves as chefs of proper Venetian cuisine, first cooking and then tasting our own delicacies accompanied by a good glass of wine –never without relevance.

I bet you are missing out on this experience. What are you then waiting for?