Eraclea Mare: a walk in nature!

Eraclea Mare is a hamlet of Eraclea that is located six kilometres southeast of the town and is characterised by its specific environmental features.

Known in the past by the name of Marina di Santa Croce, it offers a very evocative natural environment, in which sea, sand and pine forest combine to offer wonderful naturalistic views. This makes it a perfect destination for those who love the sea but also excursions in nature, cycling or on foot, far from the busiest summer destinations.

Let’s discover some of the most beautiful itineraries together! 

Eraclea mare

Eraclea, from the sea to the


The first route suitable for bikes is a 26.4 km loop route that winds through the lands of the great reclamation.

It is possible to rent bikes from Ferro Dante, in via delle Tule 22, and starting from the centre of Eraclea Mare, visitors can cycle along the Revedoli canal.

Among rice fields, orchards, corn and wheat fields, you can immerse yourself in a still-unspoiled countryside that still bears the traces of the great transformation of this region, such as the Termino waterworks in Brian. This water lifting and drainage system still plays a fundamental role for the hydrogeological balance of the area.

En route, you can also buy the products of this authentic and genuine land at two farms that are open to the public: “La fagiana” farm, where rice is grown, and the estate “La spiga – Cuor di noce”, which is a leader in the production of walnuts and related products.

Eraclea mare
Eraclea mare

Eraclea Mare and the Piave

The second itinerary starts from Eraclea Mare and sets off to discover the banks of the Piave river. This is also a 25.2 km loop route that follows the sinuous course of the embankment.

The river can be crossed thanks to the evocative pontoon bridge located just outside the centre of the town, which immediately gives the special feeling of being immersed in a timeless landscape.

Cycling on the bank of the river allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape from a privileged observation point. From here, you can admire both the river vegetation with glimpses of the gorge, and the large scales on the green waters of the Piave.

Returning towards the sea, you then enter the countryside where you can make a stop at the “La spiga – Cuor di Noce” estate. Here you can admire the majestic trees from which the walnut, which is the main product of this company, derives in addition to the fields of corn, cereals and vineyards.

    Eraclea Mare and its pine forest


    For those who love walking, an evocative route within the lush pine forest of Eraclea Mare is not to be missed.

    Here the atmosphere is special: the scent of pine trees and the richness of the vegetation encourage a feeling of calm and relaxation, also offering a welcome chance to take some refreshing shade from the heat of the summer day.

    You can also end the route with a pleasant walk by the sea.

    Well, what are you waiting for? Find the nearest ATVO stop and visit Eraclea Mare for a day immersed in nature!