What better time to organize a holiday in Cortina? Enclosed among the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe, Cortina is a real gem to discover and offers activities for all tastes. From sports to downtown walks, the queen of the Dolomites will not disappoint you. Let’s find out together the four activities to better enjoy a holiday in Cortina.

Cortina, known as the Queen of the Dolomites, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the province of Belluno. If apparently it may seem like a small city, it is actually the second municipality in Veneto by extension.

If you’re in Venice you don’t need the car to get to Cortina, you can get there in just a few hours with the line that connects Venice, Treviso and the Cadore area, to learn more and know the timetable visit this site.

Cortina offers a wide range of attractions and activities, from sports and mountaineering to the more worldly and relaxing ones. Its historic center is full of stores, small shops and cafes that can satisfy all tastes.
We have selected four activities you should not miss! Ready, set, go!

Four activities you should not miss in Cortina: a day between the Ski Area and the Faloria refuge for romantics

Let’s start with the most classic of Cortina’s attractions: ski resorts in this area attract athletes from all over the world and it’s no coincidence that Cortina is famous for this reason.
If you want to enjoy the unique landscape of the Belluno Dolomites we recommend the Vitelli track, this facility is designed for the practice of Slow Ski. The rest areas on the slopes offer breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful peaks in the entire Alpine area.
On the Monte de Faloria, at 2123 meters above sea level, stands the homonymous shelter, starting point of scenic trails with varying degrees of difficulty. From here the view over the Ampezzano valley is unparalleled and in fact is called “Terrazza di Cortina”. We suggest you arrive at the shelter in the evening, when the valley lights up and the landscape becomes even more magical.

Four activities you should not miss in Cortina: a walk in Corso Italia for fashion-victims

The center of Cortina is renowned for shopping and lovers of haute couture have certainly already heard of it.
The display windows of Corso Italia are not only rich with trendy garments, but also with handicrafts, antiques and fine jewelry. In the Cooperativa department store in Cortina you can find always-refined and tasteful souvenirs.
The Cooperativa also offers tailoring services, tailored pajamas and excellent sandwiches! In the center of Cortina there are numerous cafes and bars where you can sit and have a good hot chocolate or wine.

Four activities you should not miss in Cortina: a visit to the Mario Rimoldi Museum, for fans of contemporary art

In Piazza Venezia, in the middle of Corso Italia, you will find the ancient “Casa delle Regole”, formerly the administrative headquarters now hosting the museums of the city of Cortina, including the Rimoldi collection. Mario Rimoldi, the patron of Ampezzo, among the thirties and forties of the twentieth century collected works by artists such as Kokoschka, Leger, Morandi and De Pisis. This collection, open to the public all year round, offers an overview of post-war European art. Not to be missed, especially for fans of art!

Four activities you should not miss in Cortina: Fat Bike, Snow Kite and indoor sports for athletes

If you like to try new sports there is a wide choice of outdoor and indoor activities for you. You can rent a Fat Bike to enjoy the panorama of the snow-covered valleys on two wheels, or get on the snowboard and fly driven by the currents of the Passo Giau on a day dedicated to the Snow Kite. Cortina also has a fully equipped Ice Rink for indoor winter sports such as skating and curling.
What can we say, in Cortina you certainly won’t get bored! Which of these activities do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!