Carnival of Venice: the history of the most iconic festival in Venice and the info of the 2023 edition


The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous events in the world, known for the elaborate costumes and colorful masks worn by its participants. The history of the Venetian Carnival dates back to the Middle Ages: people dressed to hide their identity and participated in the celebrations without anyone noticing.


The term “Carnival” dates back to the Middle Ages: in fact it appears for the first time in the document of the Doge Vitale Falier of 1094 to talk about public entertainment.

The Carnival in Venice as an official holiday began in 1296 when a decree of the Republican Senate declared a holiday the day before Lent.


The origins and importance of the Venetian Carnival are inspired by two ancient traditions:

  • the ancient Roman Saturnalia, during which the social order collapsed, slaves and free citizens gathered in the city to celebrate with music and dance
  • the great religious festival with processions and theatrical performances, from the cult of Dionysus in Greece, with the use of masks and symbolic performances.


The carnival today 


The Venice Carnival is held every year between February and March. The festivities last from 10 to 14 days, during which the city comes alive with parades, dances, concerts and other activities.

The focus of the Venetian Carnival is St Mark’s Square, with the costume parade and the award ceremony of the best costume. Other popular attractions include illuminated gondolas, boat races and theater performances.


The 2023 edition of the Venice Carnival promises to be an event with high expectations for visitors from all over the world. Many new features are planned in this edition, including new costumes and shows, and greater attention to ensure the fun and safety of all participants.


In general, the Venice Carnival is a unique and unforgettable experience, with visitors from all over the world attending the colorful celebrations and admiring the beauty of the city. With the 2023 edition coming up, we can’t wait to find out what this prestigious event has in store for us and join the party.

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