If you happen to find yourself in Venice until 9 June 2019 you can visit the Canaletto and Venice exhibition dedicated to the famous painter of the 1700s, whose real name was Giovanni Antonio Canal.

If you already know who I’m talking about, you will understand the value of this exhibition; if, on the other hand, you know nothing about this important painter, it will be the right occasion to learn more about the history of Italian art of the 1700s. This was in fact a period characterized by great changes and enormous vitality in the artistic world scene of the city of Venice and not only.

Canaletto and Venice, the city as a theater

Canaletto was born in Venice in 1697 and came from an artistic family; in fact, his father was one of the most famous stage designers of the time and in his subsequent production, as a landscape artist, Canaletto was positively influenced by his father’s work.

Canaletto and Venice, a painting from life

His first works are in fact characterized by a theatrical taste while the following works are distinguished by the search for representation from life.

Antonio, after using a darker palette, opens up to the pictorial influences of the period and begins to experiment with clearer and more soft colors, in perfect harmony with contemporary art trends.

Although the artist had the opportunity to travel outside the Serenissima, his vedute show the famous views of the lagoon city, Canaletto and Venice in fact make up a stainless union in the memory of this place.

The Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge are just some of the protagonists of his paintings, in fact among his works there is also a place for a Venice considered as minor (campo San Rocco, Santa Maria Formosa, the Arsenal).

Canaletto and Venice, useful information on the exhibition

At this point you will certainly be wondering, where you can find the Canaletto and Venice exhibition. The 25 works are located inside the halls of the Palazzo Ducale and some of them have never been exhibited in Venice.

The exhibition could be a golden opportunity to discover them, and why not, to visit the Palazzo Ducale. We advise you to book your visit immediately to access the exclusive spaces of the exhibition itinerary, this ticket will allow you to avoid queues and stress.

The exhibition is open every day from 8.30 to 19.00.

Tickets can also be purchased online on the Palazzo Ducale website, at the price of 13 euros for the full ticket and 11 euros for the reduced ticket. 

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