If you’re planning a trip to Venice and you’re wondering about the museums and modern art exhibitions, we recommend you stop at Cà Pesaro, discover in the article how to get there and what to see.

Venice has always been considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. Every year it attracts a large number of tourists who come to admire the beauty of the monuments, to discover the traditions and the typically Italian art.

What are the museums and modern art exhibitions in Venice? Cà Pesaro

Located in the Santa Croce 2076 district, this palace is built in the Baroque style and for years has been the seat of the International Gallery of Modern Art as well as the Museum of Oriental Art of the city.

The palace overlooks the famous Grand Canal and is considered one of the most important buildings in Venice for its majesty, its grandeur and its baroque style. Cà Pesaro is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm in the winter period (ending March 31), after which the opening is postponed by thirty minutes and the closing time is 6pm, until 31 October. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the ticket office closes one hour before the actual closing time. The ticket price is absolutely accessible: €10 full and € 7.50 reduced.

What are the museums and modern art exhibitions in Venice? discover modern art in Venice

The permanent collection of Cà Pesaro offers a real cross section of international modern art from the end of the 1800s to the present day, among the authors you’ll find Edward Munch, Vittorio Zecchin, James Ensor and many others. If you’re also fascinated by graphics, you can find a section dedicated to this art. The exhibition rooms which is dedicated to the Cà Pesaro Rebels is a panoramic view that ranges from the art of the early 20th century to the post-war period and you’ll have the chance to see works that are usually not exhibited, like the bust in marble by Emile Antoine Bourdelle.

Room 15 houses the works of the Sonnabend Foundation from New York, and the ground floor houses the collection of Chiara and Francesco Carraro which will let you discover masterpieces of glass art, busts and paintings of the 20th century Italian authors.

We can only add that on the top floor of the building you can find the Museum of Oriental Art of the city. This collection represents one of the most important Japanese art works of the Edo period in Italy, its sections displaying various types of artefacts and works of art ranging from elegant porcelain to prints.

What are the museums and modern art exhibitions in Venice? Temporary exhibitions at Cà Pesaro

The International Gallery of Modern Art periodically offers several temporary exhibitions. All these works share the value and relevance of both painting and sculpture. The works of Venetian authors, such as the one in progress by Giovanni Soccol, are flanked by those of international artists from different social and historical contexts like Arshile Gorky.

One last tip, the great strength of this museum is the part dedicated to teaching, in fact every day there are visits for adults and children. These visits are interactive and give you the opportunity to enjoy with a guide who speaks Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and German. If you’re a visitor, the guided tour is a highly effective choice with great emotional impact and will also make you discover new topics for deepening and reflection.

If you’re an art addict and don’t want to miss anything about modern art in Venice, discover this tour

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