Murano, Burano and the other islands of Venice are, without any doubt, the most charming locations, but Caorle might actually steal your heart and catch your eyes too. It is really a unique sight in its own terms: the bell tower slightly slanting and dating back to 1200, the small coloured houses… it is the perfect place for relaxing outdoors and biking is the best way to reach the various places of interest as like as the picturesque Casoni!

Our tour at the Casoni in Caorle

From Santa Margherita harbour we boarded on a river ferry which took us to Caorle and, from there, riding our bikes we went to visit the Casoni, the typical shelters made with wood and reed used by fishers in the old times. While we were staring at them, we dived right into the past by identifying ourselves with old Venetian fishers busy with their routines and their traditions, spending their days dealing with fishing nets and hooks. Although the Casoni are not used in the way for which they were originally built, they still maintain a structure faithful to their original one.

If you decide to ride up to this tour, you must absolutely stop at the so-called “original” Casone. Even if the name might suggest otherwise, this casone has recently been rebuilt. The one to build it was Raimondo, who decided to actually rebuild it just a few steps away from his house, after a fire had burnt his previous Casone down.

Faithful to traditions, the owner worked on it exactly like it was used to be done in the old times, to give back to the tourists the feeling of the “vecci Casoni” (old Casoni). A strong smell of smoked fish spreads outside as well as courtyard animals happily scamper around the barnyard.

If you want to smell the real scent of traditions too, you only need to get on the bike and leave for a tour in Caorle!

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