Art nowadays, confronting itself with conflicts around the world, is the witness of the most precious role human beings can assume, during a crucial moment when it is more essential than ever to preserve authentic values.

These are the principal themes of Venice Biennale, an event that has started on the 13th of May and mesmerised me with its artistic treasures.

The event, under the attentive guide of Christine Macel as its curator, unravels itself through nine chapters, or families of artists, starting with two first “universes” inside the Central Pavilion: the Pavilion of Artists and Booksand the Pavilion of Joys and Fears, followed by seven other “universes” which instead unravel themselves from Arsenale to Giardino delle Vergini.

I must admit that the exhibition’s galleries are amazing and original; there is not a proper break among all the pavilions, which instead follow smoothly one after the other, as they were chapters of a book. The story tale arranged by the 120 artists with their own artworks is ingenious and paradoxical: they ponder about the complexity of the world and the multiplicity of its statements and doctrines.

It is not then limited to only one level of understanding. Whoever may visit the Biennale, will always approach it in a different way from any other visitor, on a personal and unique level of experience. The basic perception left on me is that art indeed is a form of liberation, of expression, of mutual relationship among people, a form of love.

And you, have you had the chance to visit the Biennale yet this year? Tell me about your experience by leaving a comment.

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