Architecture Biennale, Venice 2023

Discover the projects and focus of this event

May is the month of the Architecture Biennale and our beloved Venice is ready to welcome artists, art lovers and tourists from all over the world.

“Change” is the key word of the event curated by Lesley Lokko, architect, professor of architecture and founder of the African Futures Institute in Ghana.

The focus will be on the decolonisation and decarbonisation of the African continent, which documents the situation of architecture today in Africa, so full of gaps, grey areas and inconsistencies.

For this reason – declares the curator herself – to document and disseminate a difficult situation for the territory, art exhibitions arise, in order to inform.

venezia beinnale architettura

6 exhibition sections and more than 80 participants

The esposition


The 2023 Architecture Biennale will take place in 6 exhibition spaces and will involve about 89 artists, including architects, engineers, designers and urban planners, all engaged in a common project, that of documenting the urban situation in Africa after decolonisation and decarbonisation.


For the first time in the Venice Biennale, this year there will be a space aimed at out-of-competition artists, called Special Projects of the curator and their participants: still in line with the main theme, different topics will be pitted including Geography, Cuisine, Agrifood Sector, and many others, all of which are monitored by Lesley Lokko.

Venezia Biennale Architettura 2023
biennale venezia architettura 2023

Designer and Architect

Yesterday and today


Roberto Cicutto, president of the Architecture Biennale, explains how the role of the designer and architect has changed: if only a few years ago the mission of the Venice Architecture Exhibition was to show the progress of the most daring technology, today a much more ethical and complex goal is perceived.


The role of the architect, as conceived by Le Corbusier, is a moral one and aims at a very high mission: that of helping to improve the quality of life of man with housing solutions that are healthy, and at the same time functional, with a satisfying appeal.

Not only that, the architect has the duty and the ethical obligation to leave a testimony of their passage, documenting the initial urban situation and showing step by step the phases of a substantial improvement.

Biennale Architettura 2023 Venezia

An important event in the lagoon

Multi-ethnic exphibition

Venice will be the spectacular setting for the 18th Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale, an event that is even more multifaceted and multi-ethnic today.

Among the various pavilions and exhibitions of the artists involved in the competition, related events, workshops and performances, including theatrical and film shows, it will be possible to enjoy a truly immersive experience with a common goal: to understand the role of the architect and the designer in the present day.

And to get to the exhibition sites?

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Have you already made your reservation? To enjoy the Venice Architecture Biennale you have time from 20 May to 26 November 2023!