Spending a summer holiday in Cortina d’Ampezzo means leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life to recharge your batteries in contact with nature, amid spectacular landscapes and a relaxing pace of life.

Tourists have always loved the exquisite beauty of Cortina’s centre and the panoramic views offered by its marvellous mountains. The Queen of the Dolomites, which can be easily reached by ATVO buses thanks to services departing from Venice, is also an ideal place to escape the sultry heat, as the summer days are generally mild and sunny, and the nights are very cool.

In the high mountains, however, temperature fluctuations are frequent, and you can quickly go from hot to cold or from sunshine to rain. Therefore, before leaving for Cortina, you must carefully choose the clothing to put in your suitcase, so that you can face any unexpected weather conditions with composure.

Summer clothing in Cortina: practical and aesthetic needs

Dressing in layers or, as they often say, “like an onion”, is the perfect choice for a holiday in the mountains because it allows you to be prepared in the event of temperature fluctuations.

In the mountains, the watchword is comfort: clothing must be practical and durable, suitable for sitting in the meadows and hiking at high altitudes.

At the same time, in a magical place like Cortina, one also feels the desire to wear some somewhat chic clothes, perhaps while strolling along the streets of the town centre or when spending a pleasant evening with friends.

So let’s have a look at what we should pack in order to strike a balance between comfort and elegance, practical needs and the desire to dress fashionably.

Dressing well in Cortina: all the basics

First of all, you need a few basic garments, perfect for negotiating the Ampezzo climate and creating many different outfits. Tank tops and T-shirts, preferably in technical fabrics, shouldn’t be missing from your suitcase, as they wick away moisture. And considering that some mountain days are mild but cool, you shouldn’t go without a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt.

Tank tops and T-shirts should be combined with sporty trousers and jeans, other essentials for a stay in Cortina. Of course, for those who appreciate them, shorts are also a holiday classic in the mountains and have the advantage of appearing informal, casual, but not clich├ęd.

Wind, downpours and sudden drops in temperature are almost inevitable in Cortina, so it is advisable to take two jumpers with you, one medium and one heavy, and to add a sweatshirt to your suitcase. One very versatile classic garment is the cardigan: just choose a soft, good-quality one, and you will feel comfortable on any occasion.

For the coldest days, a coat with a detachable inner down lining and an outer jacket made of technical material can come in very handy. To protect yourself from the rain in a very simple and practical way, you can always rely on a K-way.

Of course, attention must also be paid to the choice of shoes: sandals and trainers are essential for everyday walking in the village, but for high-altitude excursions, a well-made pair of boots is a must.

Dressing up in Cortina: local traditions and accessories

After the absolutely essential basics, it is time to pack some special clothes, perhaps in line with local traditions, to fully immerse yourself in the Cortina atmosphere and feel part of it.

Gathered flower blouses, which leave the shoulders uncovered, are a true classic for holidays in Cortina: sensual, feminine and versatile, they look perfect over wide embroidered skirts, trousers and shorts.

Tyrolean T-shirts with edelweiss prints are also a mountain classic and have the great merit of being simple yet possessing a touch of originality.

For some very special occasions, you can also resort to the beautiful Ampezzo dress, consisting of a sleeveless bodice, a gathered skirt, a lace blouse and a silk pinafore.

Of course, accessories should never be overlooked, as they always add personality and colour to any look. A deerskin shoulder strap and a pair of suede cuissard boots are perfect for conforming to local traditions and feeling fashionable.

For shelter from the rain, on the other hand, you can opt for a soft nappa hat, while for sunny days, the classic panama or a straw hat will suffice.
And if you just don’t want to give up your chic, with a cashmere or silk shawl, you can feel elegant while retaining a casual style, which remains the most suitable look for a holiday in the mountains.