Going to bacari” is a typical Venetian expression that refers to the tradition of spending a few hours in the company of friends and family enjoying the famous Venetian spritz and typical cicchetti.
But what should you keep in mind when organising a bacaro tour? Let’s see what this Venetian custom consists of.

What is a Bacaro?

First of all it is important to start from the basics, namely understanding what a bacaro is. There is no real definition of a bacaro, but the thing that comes closest to its meaning is a tavern.
It’s a typical Venetian tavern with simple and rustic decor in which glasses of wine (in dialect “ombre“) or spritz are served, accompanied by typical “cicheti“. “Cicheti” are small appetisers made from fish or salami. They can be both cold and hot and are often served with bread or polenta.

But what makes a bàcaro unique is not only the typical specialties that you can sample, rather the main feature is the atmosphere that is created there.
Most Venetians have always frequented the bàcari for the custom of meeting, chatting, talking, discussing and creating a pleasant moment of socialising.
In fact, it is no coincidence that the term “bacaro” derives from the Venetian expression “far bacara”, that is to say to party, to have fun.

The etymological origin of cicheti and ombre also has a precise meaning: “ombra” (shadow), which is synonymous with wine glasses, is derived from the typical custom from Piazza San Marco according to which itinerant wine sellers moved following the shadow of the bell tower, so that the wine did not heat up and always remained cool; the “cicheti” (cicchetti in Italian), are derived from the Latin “ciccus”, which means small quantity.
They are in fact small appetisers, such as meatballs, croutons with creamed cod or the typical polenta with sardines in saòr.

Bacaro Tour: what is it?

This expression refers to moving from one bacaro to another, selecting the various stops and at the same time taking advantage to stroll along the Venetian streets.
You can often find several bacari next to each other, but sometimes it’s necessary to walk a little to reach the next destination.
Some bacari are more spacious than others, so you can have your spritz inside. Other bacari have porticoes, tables or pergolas directly on the canal, so you can accompany your aperitif with a wonderful Venetian sunset.

How can I organise a bacaro tour?

Venice is full of taverns and bacari where you can sample cicchetti and a spritz, so it is always possible to find the right bacaro that’s able to satisfy everyone’s requests.
Often, people get caught up in chatting and end up spending the evening in one place; at other times, however, it can be enjoyable to stop in the bacari that most capture our attention during a walk, so as to be guided by the sensations.
It is not just a question of good food and fine wine, but a real group ritual open to all those who wish to join the company.

The city of Venice is unique from many points of view, starting from the historical monuments and then moving on to the unique landscapes immersed in the streets and canals. The capital of Veneto is ideal for a romantic weekend, an outing with friends or a week to treat yourself to discover the wonders of a city on the water that is truly unique.
The Venice airport is now part of almost all national and international routes and is 20 minutes from the city centre, which can be easily reached with transfer services.

Happy Bacaro Tour!