Do you feel the warmth of spring? When the weather gets better, people immediately feel the need to spend more time outdoors. Far from Venice and the noise of Rialto and Piazza San Marco there is an island to discover, full of natural wonders: Lido!

Visiting Lido is not impossibleIn fact, it can be an opportunity for a romantic ride in a scooter.

You got it right, while in Venice you can’t, in Lido you can drive cars!

Why not take advantage of it and discover Lido feeling the wind in your hair? We give you the option of a 24-hours scooter rental to drive through the streets of this island full of surprises.

Walking around Lido, Malamocco

Malamocco is divided from Lido by a narrow spit of land, unknown to most people. Not surprisingly one of its localities, much appreciated by the locals, is called Terre Perse (Lost Lands). Malamocco is famous for being a peaceful place and for serving excellent fish.

Malamocco was one of the first historical nucleus of ancient Venice. As a matter of fact, it has been the capital of the Duchy of Venice until the eleventh century. Later, due to the constant erosion by the sea, the seat of the government was moved in Rialto. Today in the Palazzo del Podestà there is a permanent exhibition with archaeological remains dating back to the first settlements in Malamocco.

We suggest you stop here for a walk around its typical sea village and visit the small port surrounded by colorful houses.

Walking around Lido, discovering the Lagoon

People on holiday in Venice focus mainly on the historical beauties of the center but ignore the beauty of the natural environment of the Lagoon, a unique ecosystem.

Lido offers 10 kilometers of beaches and it is the ideal place to start discovering the Venetian archipelago of islands.

Alberoni is characterized by a 30-hectare pine forest where you can walk and breathe in the  sea breeze. People who arrive here in the quieter moments of the day can often see a Kentish Plover taking wing or a sea turtlecrossing the sand.

Walking around Lido, outdoor sports

Lido is also the ideal location for outdoor sports lovers. In the past its wide spaces were used to build equipped golf courses and equestrian centers. The Lido golf club is one of  the oldest in Italy.

From the post-war period to the present its green field has witnessed the games of the tycoon Henry Fordand many other famous people. The beauty of its path lies in the technical difficulty of eighteen holes and in the surrounding environment. It is a real treat for the lovers of this sport. If you prefer other sports, don’t worry. There is something for everyone.

In fact in Lido there are many rowing clubs that provide Venetian rowing lessons for beginners and experts. Don’t miss this experience if you want to immerse yourself in the historical tradition of the city!
We hope that you’ll follow our advice and that you’ll give yourself a day to discover Lido, if you are looking for new experiences in Venice and surroundings continue to read our articles!

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