Visiting Venice you’ll notice that it’s not only a city you can discover in long outdoor walks but you can also explore many of its historic buildings, and museum houses, there’s plenty for everyone!

Today I’ll take you on a quick tour of three buildings that have enchanted me during my numerous trips to Venice. These palaces were the homes of persons who marked the history of art, music and theater. Arrived in the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma, we head towards Campo San Tomà and follow the indications for Rialto. We find our first stop in calle del Scaleter!

Casa Goldoni, the house museum of the Venetian playwright

Let’s start with a house museum preserved in all its details. Casa Goldoni was the home of the famous playwright Carlo Goldoni and is rigorously preserved and open to visitors. In all rooms you can breathe the typical atmosphere of the eighteenth-century magnificence. Curiosity: you can admire an original puppet theater from the eighteenth century!

We continue our tour and go back in time three hundred years, in Campo San Beneto.

Palazzo Fortuny, historical building you can’t miss out


Perhaps you’ve never heard of the eclectic artist Mariano Fortuny, but if fashion and ‘haute couture’ are your passion, you’ll definitely want to learn more about him! Fortuny in fact revolutionized the concept of women’s dress by proposing cleaner and more functional lines for everyday life. His inspiration? The tunics of Greek women. These models and many other works are displayed in the house museum, don’t miss out!

Now we’ll cross the Grand Canal and immerse ourselves in the absolute beauty of the Peggy Guggenheim house museum.

Guggenheim Museum, the palace and her collection

Peggy Guggenheim was a patron of the counterculture and repeatedly caused stir among the Venetians with her unconventional behavior. Apart from the magnificent art collection, you can make a pause in the harmonious tranquility of its garden.

Curiosity: did you know that Peggy Guggenheim loved dogs and that some of them are buried, with great commitment, right in this garden?

Our journey is over! I hope you’ll visit these historical palaces of Venice in person and fill your eyes with the beauty of its museum houses! Bon voyage!

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