Discovering Venice from the water is an incredible experience: you can stare in amazement at all the glimpses of its own beauty, at all the light of its most famous monuments mirroring themselves on the lagoon’s surface, feeling the real soul of a city that builds itself up from the water and, at the same time, owes its own magic to it.

Have you ever tried to glide quietly through the Venetian canals on a kayak? It is a must experience, so much amazing that you will find it odd to go back and walk around the alleys.

Among all the available itineraries we chose the panoramic one, lasting two hours, which involved an exploration of the routes sailed by fishermen throughout the lagoon’s island sixty years ago. After taking a break in Murano, we carried on with our trip by tracking the typical traditions of the Venetian area, discovering the most unusual fishing techniques and breathing in the authentic seafaring atmosphere.

It has been an awesome tour, during which we could appreciate the enchantment of this lagoon city not by walking through it, but over the water. All the most intimate secrets of this incredibly charming city have unveiled to us.

And you, have you ever tried it out?