Venice in winter 

Not sure what to do in Venice in winter? We recommend you! 

The Doge’s Palace in Venice is one of those places that leave you speechless at first glance. The palace was the residence of the Venetian doges for centuries and is to this day one of the most visited places in the city. But behind its beauty and frescoed halls lies a dark side.


Yes, you read that correctly. The Ducal Palace was also a prison. Not just any prison, but one of the most famous and brutal prisons in the city. The prisons were located in the east wing of the palace and were known as the “New Prison” and the “Old Prison”: they housed common criminals and political prisoners, held in inhumane conditions. Poor hygiene, food shortages, and lack of medical care were the order of the day, and many prisoners did not survive their stay at the Ducal Palace for long.

However, not all prisoners had the misfortune to die there. Some, like the famous writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova, escaped from the dungeons of the Doge’s Palace. Imprisoned for endangering “public morals” with his lustful adventures, Casanova managed to escape from the dungeons of the Doge’s Palace in 1756 after digging a tunnel under the prison walls.

The Ducal Palace today

Today the Doge’s Palace is open to the public and hosts various exhibitions and displays related to the history of the city and its architecture. Visitors can also visit the original prison, which is preserved as a testament to Venice’s judicial history.

But don’t expect these prisons to be romantic or glamorous. They are a reminder of how cruel and inhumane human beings can be and that beauty can hide the darkest shadows.

In short, the Doge’s Palace in Venice is an exceptional place that offers a unique view of the city’s history and culture. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, or art, this palace is worth a visit and the full ticket price is around €15.00. 

How to get there.

Thanks to ATVO Buses you can get to Venice without any problems: the stop in Piazzale Roma is the closest to the city center, with departures from almost all the nerve centers of Eastern Veneto. 

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