Venice and its region, Veneto, fascinate visitors with their picturesque waterways, historic buildings and rich cultural heritage. For anyone wishing to explore this wonderful region, the Venice Marco Polo and Treviso Antonio Canova airports represent crucial entry points. These airports have a rich history and are fundamental for tourism and travel in the Veneto and beyond.

Marco Polo airport in Venice takes its name from the explorer Marco Polo and is the main airport of the region. Opened in 1960, it is located about 13 kilometers north of the city of Venice and manages national and international flights.

Treviso airport, dedicated to Antonio Canova, the greatest sculptor of Italian Neoclassicism., is located approximately 30 kilometers north of Venice. Originally a military base, it was converted for civilian use after World War II.


The routes covered by these two airports are fundamental for connecting Venice and the Veneto to the main national and international destinations. All major airlines – both flag carriers and low-cost carriers – operate at Venice airports, providing travelers with a wide range of options to reach the city and explore its wonders.


The Marco Polo Airport Routes

Venice Marco Polo Airport is a major air traffic centre serving a variety of destinations. Popular routes include those to major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Naples. In addition, it offers connections to numerous international destinations in Europe and overseas, including Paris, London, New York and Dubai.

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The Treviso Airport Routes

Treviso Airport plays a significant role in connecting Venice and the Veneto region to low-cost airlines. Many routes operated by companies such as Ryanair and Wizz Air depart and arrive from this airport, offering convenient options for travellers on a budget. Popular destinations include London, Dublin, Barcelona and Brussels.

Travelling Tips

To maximise the convenience of travelling to and from airports, it is advisable to plan ahead and take into account flight and transport schedules. An ideal option is the shuttle service provided by ATVO, which guarantees a reliable and hassle-free connection to the region’s main destinations.