The Venetian painting of Tiziano Vecellio 


What connects Venice and Cadore?

  • First, a line of the ATVO transport service that runs from the Venetian capital to Cortina, with a whole series of intermediate stops not to be missed.


  • Second, there is the figure of a very important artist who marked the history of 16th-century art and embodied the soul of Venice with his unmistakable brushstrokes and use of color: Tiziano Vecellio. His life offers one of the most striking points of connection between Venice and Cadore, as the docufilm “Tiziano. The Empire of Color” released in October 2022.

“The painter must always seek the essence of things, always represent the essential characteristics and emotions of the person he is painting.”

Tiziano quickly became a famous painter and sought after by patrons not only for his religious works, but especially for his portraits. He had this magnificent gift of being able to reproduce on canvas not only the physical but also the psychological characteristics of the subject he represented. 

Amor sacro e Amor profano is one of the works that best represents Tiziano’s vision. 

The breadth of the gestures, the strength of the colors, and the dense brushwork are necessary to define the image before everyone’s eyes. The colors are saturated, as seen in the bright red of the cloak and sleeve. The color of the landscape is spread with a clear drawing of the buildings and nature. The chiaroscuros contrasted and were very solid as in the folds of the dress and the bas-relief. The complexions are soft and light almost as if the two women were plastic. 



Tiziano’s house in Pieve di Cadore


A two-minute walk from the Pieve di Cadore bus station is the birthplace of the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio

The architecture of the house retains the charm of a 15th-century building of a wealthy family, and the furnishings are rustic and traditional but modern for the time. 

On display inside are reproductions of his works, copies of autographed letters, and prints to commemorate this great artist, a leading figure in 16th-century Venetian painting. 


This mansion would have even escaped the devastation brought by German troops at the time of the Cambraic Wars: as if some magic enveloped it to keep its owner alive through time.




Routes from Pieve di Cadore




This route within the magnificent Cadore Natural Park allows in a few minutes to reach Roccolo Park, which gathers one of the most striking views in the area. From the Roccolo begins a path that runs all along the southern slope of Monte Ricco and comes out on a road that goes up to Forte Monte Ricco.

Finally, you arrive at the road that leads to the center of Pieve di Cadore passing by the Tiziano Vecellio House. 


How to get there


Thanks to ATVO‘s Venice-Cortina line, you can immerse yourself in these fantastic views of Pieve di Cadore. Go to the website and buy your tickets now.