If you are planning a trip to Venice and, once you are done with all the architectural wonders, you feel the push for some adrenaline experiences, you can challenge yourself with some sport! There are plenty of sport facilitieswhere any kind of physical activity can be taken on to keep you fit.

Let’s find out together about which sports can be practiced in Venice!

Sports in Venice: Surf

Tourists often wonder if it might be possible to take on some aquatic activities, as like as kite-surf or windsurf, with the advantage given by the water of Venice’s wonderful canals.

The surf club in Venice provides you with highly qualified teachers to learn SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surf), or how to paddle on the surfboard. This sport comes from an ancient Hawaiian tradition and it has been put under the spotlight recently again by the surfers, so that they could be able to move from one place to another both on calm waters and sea waves. Practicing SUP in Venice will be an unforgettable experience!

Sports in Venice: Golf

If you both love golf and you are planning your holidays in Venice, you cannot give up on some swings at the Circolo Golf Venezia (Venice Golf Club). Placed on Lido isle, the legend tells the story that Henry Ford, very fond of this sport, was the one to suggest its building in this city around the beginning of the 1920s. The count Giuseppe Volpe of Misurata spotted the right place to have a massive golf club built at the south end of the island of Lido, next to the mouth of Malamocco harbour.

At first, only 9 holes were designed, but in the second year their number had already grown up to 72. The Circolo Golf Venezia saw many stand up people of the XX centuries strolling around its lawns, such as Adolf Hitler, Henry Cotton and Benito Mussolini.

Furthermore, the golf club is right next to one of the areas protected by WWF, inside which it’s possible to spot the local fauna and flora including some close to extinction species, while relaxing and wandering around.

Sport in Venice: facilities

Every kind of sport can be practiced in Venice, even when you are on vacation! There are several swimming pools, gyms, and sport facilities spread around the charming city.

Among the most appreciated ones there are boules, rugby, football, horse riding, skating, athletics, basketball, and archery.

Now you have been only left with the choice and…have fun!

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