Venice, the Italian capital of beauty, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Italy. Every year, the lagoon city is assaulted by millions of visitors, fascinated by its unique urban structure. Yet the world does not start and does not end in Venice! Nearby there are numerous interesting places to discover, where you can take a trip in the history and secrets of the ancient Serenissima.

From the villas of the Riviera del Brenta to the historic village of Caorle, passing through the porticoes of Portogruaro and Chioggia, nicknamed the miniature Venice. Find out more about the places to see near the lagoon city par excellence!


Places to see near Venice: Riviera del Brenta


From Padua to Venice there is a landscape of extreme cultural and artistic interest: the Riviera del Brenta. Along the waterway that connects the two cities are the famous Venetian Villas. Among the most important we find Villa Foscarini Rossi (Stra), Villa Foscari in Fusina (built by Palladio, World Heritage Site), Villa Widman (Mira) and Villa Pisani (the most impressive project, located in Stra). The area of the Riviera del Brenta is also ideal for bike toursduring which you can plunge into nature and art of the waterway and of numerous Venetian Villas that make up a magical setting. Besides, the 36 km of the Riviera del Brenta can become the ideal route to abandon yourself to a rewarding walk.


Places to see near Venice: Caorle


About 70 km from Venice stands Caorle, included among the 1000 historic villages of Italy. Walking through the town, you will discover its beautiful historic center, where Piazza Vescovado is the master with the Cathedral of Santo Stefano and its bell tower, the symbol of the city. One of the experiences that you absolutely must try is the walk along the cliff which leads to the sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of the Angel.


In addition to being a village of historical and artistic interest, Caorle boasts 15 kilometers of beaches, which make it an attractive tourist destination during the summer season. In the evening, let yourself be carried away by the lively nightlife of Caorle, its fancy restaurants, creperies, pizzerias, and not least, by the typical “deep fried calamari to take away”!


Places to see near Venice: Portogruaro


Portogruaro is considered by many tourist guides as the capital of eastern Venice. The ancient fortified village, which stands on the bed of the river Lemene, boasts an almost thousand-year history. The foundation dates back to 1140; in the following centuries, the city was considered one of the most important commercial hubs for the Venetian territory. Among the main attractions you can visit in Portogruaro are the famous arcades, the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea with its leaning belfry, similar to the tower of Pisa, and its towers, gates of the city. Curiosity: the symbol of Portogruaro are two cranes that make up the Pozzetto del Pilacorte, a fountain located in Piazza della Repubblica.


Places to see around Venice: Chioggia


Nicknamed “the miniature Venice”, Chioggia can offer you an intense stay between the Lombardo and San Domenico canals, as well as its famous streets. The most visited area is the Corso del Popolo and the “grande café” where the twentieth century writer and essayist Curzio Malaparte loved to stroll.



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