Tongues of land framing the never-changing beauty of the Venetian lagoon, small colorful villages and naturalistic oasis.

Time stops in places which seem out of the ordinary, with gardens fenced by bamboo canes, typical houses and sweet old ladies sitting on the sides of the street. From afar we hear children squealing and playing football in the small square, today as 50 years ago.

Pellestrina: how to arrive

We’re in Pellestrina, the destination of a tour which has revealed to us the beauty of the most genuine and uncontaminated places of Venice through its lidos and villages.

How did we get here? By bicycle, of course! An ecological means which has guided us to our village through the lagoon.

Pellestrina and the naturalistic oasis of Ca ‘Roman

From the island of Tronchetto with a ferry boat we were ferried to the Lido of Venice and once there we’ve set sail, with our bicycles, in the direction of Pellestrina.

A succession of villages overlooking the lagoon of Venice, with fishing vessels moored in front of the typical dwellings, is the scenery peculiar to the island. There we set for the discovery of the distinctive corners and charming views, plumping ourselves in the history and Venetian maritime tradition.

But the tour didn’t end here! Leaving behind the residential area of Pellestrina we passed through a defense system which divides the sea from the lagoon and leads to Ca’ Roman, where a fabulous beach with high Saharan dunas welcomed us. There exists even a center for the preservation of the local fauna species from the extinction.

In the end, we could not but take a well-deserved refreshment in a traditional cuisine restaurant…fish, as much as one likes!

What are you waiting for? Come on, press the pedals!!! 🙂