The end of summer is a period particularly appreciated by cycling lovers and those who practice this sport, also because of the large number of theme-based events in various Italian regions.
These include the celebrated Haute Route Dolomites, a unique race that takes place against the backdrop of a spectacular scenery dominated by Italy’s most fascinating mountains and that every year gathers enthusiasts from over 40 countries.

We will talk in depth about this event later and we will understand why Cortina d ‘Ampezzo, the town hosting the Haute Route is among the must-see summer destinations of amateur cyclists.

Haute Route Dolomites: the birth of a unique race

Let’s talk first of all about how this race was born and its history. The Haute Route Dolomites boasts the record of taking place on the first circuit in the world with top stages open to everyone: both professional athletes and also amateur cyclists, who can seize a unique opportunity to compete with friends and family, while being mesmerised by breathtaking landscapes and spectacular colours alternating the shadows of rocks with the bright reflections of the snow.

This is one of the most beautiful tracks in the world and has been part of the Haute Route for 10 years now, as well as being a huge success since its first edition in 2013. New features have kept being introduced ever since and every year there are new ones to surprise audiences and participants.

How the Haute Route Dolomites takes place

Let’s now see in detail what this extraordinary event consists of: the Haute Route Dolomiti is a high-altitude road bike race that takes place over five days and covers a total of 400 km winding through iconic peaks such as the Giau Pass, the Three Peaks, the Pordoi Pass and the Sella Pass and ends, after the fifth stage, in Cortina d ‘Ampezzo.

One can therefore easily see how the Haute Route Dolomites attracts cyclists from all over the world with a force similar to that of a large magnet and has also made these areas one of the most coveted destinations by two-wheeled enthusiasts even when the official event is not taking place.
Indeed, the race is a great five-day panoramic tour that allows people to fully immerse themselves in the pristine natural landscape that is 2,000 meters away and put themselves to the test by wearing a number as they would in a professional race.
The thrill of cycling along these prestigious uphill climbs is unmatched and you can enjoy your experience under entirely safe conditions thanks to the motorcyclists who also follow the Giro d’Italia.

Perhaps are among the ones who now want to take part in this spectacular event directly on the saddle. Or maybe you would rather enjoy the epic final directly at the last stage as a spectator. In this case, reaching Cortina can be a bit difficult for those who do not like to drive up in the mountains or simply do not want to have the thought of parking and would like to enjoy the beautiful sights of these peaks on foot.
This is why, ATVO provides a route available all year round for Cortina, which you can easily reach by bus: find out more about all the stops!


What to expect from the Haute Route Dolomites

The Dolomites are a legendary scenery, shrouded in an aura of charm and full of contrasts. Get ready to be stunned when face with endless pine forests alternated with bare rocks towering over the heads of the participants and forcing them to look up. It will be an alternative way of exploring a region of inestimable interest not only in terms of sports, but also landscapes, part of Italy’s precious heritage.

If this is your first race, you will be able to take this opportunity to discover how special it feels when you reach the finishing line knowing that you made it only with your own strength. You don’t have to worry about anything but getting close to the goal: the rest will be taken care of by the logistical support that will focus on our safety and guarantee you the right refreshment at the end of each of the five days.

The route starts from the enchanting town of Bormio, overlooking a sun-kissed valley surrounded by the Giants of the Alps. Crossing the Stelvio Park is a truly intense experience and visiting Trento will give you a long break in a city rich in culture and very characteristic. However, your adventure will be completed only once you reach Cortina d’Ampezzo and you will be able enjoy the thrill of having conquered the most legendary peaks and have passed an incredible and unparalleled test.