Despite the fact that Venice and road transport don’t really get along, you can still reach the Serenissima with convenient public transport such as the vaporetto or bus.

The lagoon city is in fact equipped with a stopover for buses that travel along national and international routes, whose terminal is in Piazzale Roma. From there you can take a taxi boat with which you can make a tour of the beautiful canals of the lagoon and enjoy its wonderful artistic beauties.

How to get to Venice by bus from the province

How to reach Piazzale Roma?

If you arrive by plane from the Marco Polo airport in Venice or from the Canova in Treviso, our advice is to choose the ATVO company.

The ATVO is in fact the best solution for travelers who need an express service from the airport to the city. In a flash – only 20 minutes! – you’ll find yourself immersed in the suggestive beauties of the lagoon. The bus will leave you in Piazzale Roma, the perfect starting point for an exploratory tour of Venice.

How to get to Venice by bus from Italy and Europe with low cost buses

Besides the ATVO, there are also other companies that provide low-cost transport services that connect Venice to the most important cities of Eastern and Northern Europe.

For example, you can get to Venice from Rome by buying a ticket for only a few euros. You can fall asleep in Lazio and wake up at dawn in Venice, more or less rested and happy! ?

Arrive in Venice by vaporetto

Well, of course, the vaporetto is the most comfortable way to experience Venice. The ACTV company offers several routes that depart from Piazzale Roma and in all the main Venetian hubs.

Who said that Venice can only be reached by sea? Here are some hypotheses to consider to get to Venice in a comfortable and low-cost way! ?

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