In my trip to Venice I couldn’t miss a day of pure fun at Gardaland, a fabulous amusement park located in Castelnuovo del Garda.

A unique adventure that I lived with my family and now I want to share with you!

The park is divided into different thematic areas; if you are brave I suggest the Adventure area, if you are an incurable dreamer and you love the world of fantasy I recommend the Fantasy area and if you are fearless you should choose the Adrenaline area.

Based on my personal experience, I want to give you some ideas to better enjoy the attractions that Gardaland can offer you.

Gardaland: main attractions

Here is a small list of the rides I tried and where I was able, thanks to the reduced queue, to do more than one ride!

If you are a daredevil and you are not afraid of speed don’t miss a nice ride on the Magic Mountain, if you love space and want to experience a launch among the stars you must definitely try the Space Vertigo, a real dive into the void of 40 meters at high speed.

If you love Egypt you shouldn’t miss the guided tour of the tomb of the pharaohs, a reconstruction of the pyramids in a fantasy way.

If, instead, you want to take some wonderful panoramic snapshots of the Lake Garda from above, the ideal is theFlying Island, a rotating ride that allows you to admire the entire park from a height of 50 meters.

Gardaland: don’t get stuck in the queue

I wanted to avoid the queues by arriving early, in fact I advise you to organize your trip so as to arrive at the park very early, even before the opening!

The best thing to do is to buy the ticket online, this will make you save time you would otherwise spend at the ticket office.

As soon as you enter Gardaland, remember to take one of the free maps in order to follow a linear path, so as not to lose yourself and, above all, not to miss anything.

To optimise the time, I went first to the rides that generally have longer queues.

If, on the contrary, you don’t want to wake up early and rush, Gardaland offers you the chance to buy a special skip-queue ticket which will give you the opportunity to access the rides without queuing.

So, did I convince you to drop by at Gardaland?

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