Discovering the mysterious places in Venice, historic buildings, bridges, calli that have been the setting for Venetian myths and legends.

Venice is a city of inestimable beauty, remained intact for centuries in its magnificence, the spirit of remote times still hovers in the meanders of its calli and its buildings.

If you are passionate about mystery and you want to set up an unusual tour, listen to what I am about to tell you.

These are just some of the legends told, if you know others share them in the comments!

Let’s begin this itinerary among mysterious places of the Serenissima.

All the mysterious places of Venice
  1. Cà Dario, the cursed palace: leaving the Accademia, you will find this fifteenth-century palace in Campiello Barbaro. Its magical and fairytale aura inspired artists like John Ruskin and Claude Monet. The palace, the original home of the diplomat of the Serenissima Giovanni Dario, seems to be cursed. The lives of all its owners were struck by tragic events, no wonder that today it’s uninhabited. Curiosity: in the nineties, Woody Allen wanted to purchase the property but gave up, due to superstition, maybe?
  2. Biasio Luganegher: the story of Biasio seems like one of Tim Burton‘s movies. It’s said, in fact, that in Riva di Biasio, near Santa Lucia Station, a butcher lived who, now hear this, used the meat of his poor victims to make his delicious stews. A true horror story, don’t you think so?
  3. Sant’Albano Bottazzo – Basilica of San Donato of Murano: The legend of Bottazzo dates back to the year 1000. A marble chest was sighted while floating miraculously near Burano. Inside were the remains of three saints, Sant’Orso, San Domenico and Sant’Albano and a barrel from which the wine flowed continuously. The barrel was soon stolen by the inhabitants of the nearby island of Murano who walled it inside the Basilica of San Donato. It would be nice to find the magic barrel and have free wine to the bitter end!
  4. The legend of the Devil’s Bridge: Staying on the islands we move to Torcello, where it is said that during the Austrian rule a young woman made a deal with the devil to embrace her beloved. The devil was cheated and every December 24 he returns to the bridge in the form of a black cat to settle his debt with the young woman.
  5. The island of Poveglia: We certainly couldn’t miss to rank the most famous island of the entire lagoon infested by the ghosts. It is rumored that for centuries the island has been haunted by the ghosts of the plague victims who were confined there. I’m shaking in my boots!

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