An itinerary in the area of Feltre and its surroundings, a territory rich in attractions and little known. Along the western valley of the Piave River, you can find mountains, streams and small villages with an ancient flavor. Discover with us the most characteristic places of the Belluno Dolomites.

The area of Feltre is rich in inspirations for lovers of nature and good food. The landscape, in addition to offering the possibility for hiking, mountain biking and long days skiing on Mount Avena, gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in villages where time seems to have stopped.

Feltre and surroundings, between sport and history

Let’s start with Feltre, a city of Roman origins located at the foot of the Dolomites. This small town is part of the largest Belluno Dolomites Park and here you can visit its frescoed buildings, the cathedral, museums, and archaeological excavations. Here the Via Claudia Augusta still passes, a road that 2000 years ago connected the Adriatic to the Danube river.

The city of Feltre also hosts the Palaghiaccio, a modern sports facility dedicated to winter sports.

If you want to breathe the authentic atmosphere of the past of this village I suggest you take a look at this experience, which includes a stay in a nineteenth-century hotel, a stop for those who travelled in a carriage before continuing their journey to Austria.

Feltre and surroundings: Pedavena, beer and much more

Perhaps you have already heard of Pedavena, home of the historic brewery.

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, villas and noble estates of exquisite elegance were built here, including the villa Pasole-Berton with its park in neoclassical style. I suggest you visit the restaurant of the brewery, where you can taste typical dishes, such as shank with potatoes and taste the excellent Pedavena beer. All at super-moderate prices! On some days in December, the brewery will host a Christmas Market, an excellent opportunity to complete pre-Christmas shopping far from the stress of big malls.

Feltre and surroundings: Lamon, a journey into the flavors of the Dolomites

Like Feltre, Lamon is also a small village of Roman origin crossed by the Via Claudia Augusta. In Stalena, immersed in a natural environment of incomparable beauty, you can find a completely intact Roman Bridge. The city’s Archaeological Museum holds the remains of the archaeological excavations of the Roman necropolis of San Donato.

If you like history you cannot miss it, but we advise you to book because it’s always very crowded. Another curiosity: Lamon is also known for the cultivation of beans, of which there are four different species. This legume is the main element of the typical dishes like the bean porridge and the “pendolon“, a dish made with beans and potatoes. Stop in one of the city’s trattorias to taste this delicacy!

The itinerary is over, now you just need to plan your trip and discover these territories.

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